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Wednesday Briefs #38

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And yet more from Calisto and Valios.

Too bad I can't write their full at this point but I hope this will tide you over!

Prompt today is Crazy in Love

“Impossible! How could I be so foolish?” Valios grit his teeth while he walked aimlessly over the lake of fire in the depths of hell. He’d been tricked, bamboozled by a son of God and yet he never noticed, didn’t see it coming. Valios couldn’t figure out why this bothered him so other than the fact an angel had gotten through his security at the club. Calisto knew the password and was able to disguise himself to hide his true identity.

I should’ve known something was off.

Yes he should’ve and even before he’d done the deed with Calisto, something told him to stop. Did he have a conscience? Or was his father trying to tell him he’d been fooled? Despite all this Valios felt something in his heart for the human Calisto tried to be and the wretched being himself. Why? Why the hell did he have these longings for someone he should ultimately despise?

“You are in love my son?”

A voice thundered over his head with the skies opening and raining small flames. Oh fuck! His father sounded angry and here came the embarrassment Valios had been dreading for the last few hours since he’d run away from his quarters in shame.
“No! I’m…I…” Valios dropped to his knees and bowed his head. “Please father, forgive me. I am your favorite am I not? You must see how that…that thing tricked me into bed.”

“If you were thinking clearly about your tasks at hand instead of having sex, then perhaps you would’ve figured out Calisto’s plan.”

Suddenly the flames slowed and eventually vanished. Valios rose to his feet once again but didn’t bother to hold his head up. “I am so sorry, father. I have disappointed you, shamed your good name. Do what you will with me and I shall find my way.”

“No… Valios. You are indeed my favorite out of all my demons. I only ask for you to be careful from this day forward and not be taken by the charms of men. I know you are lonely, son, which is why I have done the search for you and found the appropriate mate. He is a soul catcher demon much like you and needs to be taught properly. You will meet him soon enough but I must be sure you aren’t in love with the angel.”

Valios gulped hard and balled his hands into fists. His nails pierced the flesh, leaving deep marks on his palms. Visions of fucking Calisto’s humanly form Cal replayed in his mind. The smell of manly musk, aftershave infiltrated his nose. He’d enjoyed the scent on his collar and wished he could smell it again.

Oh and the wings when they were done, so fucking beautiful, white, fluttering behind that lithe frame he’d come to appreciate. Calisto was a sight to behold, his body so soft in some areas, hard in others; perfect in every way. While sliding his cock in and out of that luscious ass, something woke in Valios he’d never felt before. A longing, a need to be loved by someone he thought he despised.

When Calisto slashed his face all those years ago, Valios was ashamed to say he’d been beaten by an immortal so much smaller in stature but a part of him was grateful the angel hadn’t done anything more. And then, there was the lingering feelings he had for Calisto. The desire to be with him, the want to be at his side even though he’d shamed him by cutting his beautiful face. Why on earth did he want anything to do with this man? Why did he have these emotions for someone who’d given him the permanent scar.

No it can’t be?

Could he be… in love? Fucking ridiculous! Valios shuddered at the thought of having such feelings for the immortal he’d hated over the decades. Or did he really hate him at all? Could he be masking his true emotions for Calisto?

“Looks like I have my answer, Valios. I am reading your heart and I don’t like what I’m seeing. Angels and demons aren’t supposed to fall in love, son. And how is it possible the most evil of my sons falls crazy in love with the second angel on the hierarchy? Valios?”


Valios covered his face with his hands and trembled uncontrollably. What punishment could possibly come down for him from his father? No way would he accept this admission and allow him to continually exist. He’d enjoyed life on earth, taking human souls and gaining knowledge and inspiration for each one. Never keeping any because they weren’t up to par, they weren’t special enough…

Weren’t Calisto?

“Bah!” Valios waved his hands and his brows furrowed. His despair quickly turned into rage. “I assure you father, it is only lust and it has been heightened since Calisto and I spent time in bed. But it will disappear in a few days and I’ll be ready to meet…the…” Valios shook his head, not believing what he was saying. He didn’t want anyone else more than Calisto. He couldn’t admit it for decades and even when they sparred, he couldn’t hate him enough to strike him down. Crazy in love indeed. But why when there were so many immortals of his own kind and mortals walking around that he could enjoy without enraging his father?

Valios would have to get rid of these desires before his father saw the need to banish him from the depths into the abyss forever. His feelings for the wayward angel must subside or it would cost him his eternal existence. 

* * * *

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Victoria Adams said...

Great chapter - the torment he is going through - is it weird to sympathize with a demon?

Nephylim Author said...

Tormented love. Awesome. I'm interested to meet his new make and I wonder how he is going to bring his feelings under control or at least hide them from his father. Valios must have some redeeming feature or the angel wouldn't have sought him out. I don't know which of them I find most attractive. Everyone loves a bad boy right?