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Wednesday Briefs #39 - Calisto and Valios

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Ah I haven't done the briefs in a while so here is Calisto and Valios once again with the prompts

You Know What I Want

Back on earth

“Ugh…” Valios paced the floor of his room, wearing out the floorboards underneath his feet. Sweat beaded on his brow and his mouth tasted like sandpaper. Why on earth was he nervous to meet his picked mate? No one knew him better than his father, so of course he wouldn’t make a mistake now would he?

No way!

Not ever would his creator select the wrong kind of man for him when he knew exactly what he needed, desired and craved.

No he doesn’t because you desire Calisto.

“Ugh!” Valios grasped his long strands between his fingers and pulled hard, causing pain in his scalp. Why did he want that angel, the one that slashed his face and shamed him in front of all of his immortal peers? Calisto was the enemy after all. There was no possible way they could be lovers when they were on the opposite sides of the spectrum. The laws created by the Gods said so, prohibiting any kind of fraternization between demon and angel.

But…but… I love him.

Valios let go of his hair and clenched his heart while he fell to his knees in obvious agony. How could he love his enemy so much when he tricked him into bed earlier? Valios grit his teeth and covered his face in shame, weeping uncontrollably. How would he get over this fascination in time to meet his potential mate? Valios had no clue how and at the moment, he wished he were anywhere else right now instead of here awaiting the new man his father had picked for him to love.

“You’ll never get over me, Valios! Give in to me. Be mine for the rest of our days.” A loud voice from up above sounded from out of nowhere.

“Calisto… leave me be. I am about to meet the man my father has selected to be my mate. Someone of my own kind…” Valios heart sunk when he spoke the words. He really didn’t want this being that his creator was looking to set him up with.

“I am your kind. We are both immortals… lonely, looking for eternal partners. Nothing about that is wrong, Valios.” Calisto spoke and speckles of gold dust formed into a body, so beautiful, tanned and muscled. Calisto’s  brown tresses fell helplessly over his broad and bare shoulders. His gown only covered his waist, leaving very little to the imagination but Valios had already seen that glorious body naked.

“Wow…” Valios mumbled to himself and gawked at the sight, staying put on his knees. He wanted to worship this man, be his love slave until the end of eternity. He’d give up just about everything to be with Calisto if he could do so without drawing the wrath of his father. Valios shook his head, attempting to reclaim his focus and not give in. “Why do you come, Calisto? You have already got what you ultimately wanted. You tricked me into bed with you. Why have you returned?”

Calsito’s light brown eyes gleamed, turning into the same hue as glow surrounding his lithe frame. “You know what I want, Valios. You, I come for you, my love. Please allow me to take you back to the realm and prove to our fathers that we are worthy of a chance to reside together.”

“Bah!” Valios jumped to his feet, reluctantly shifting away from the beautiful angel. Despite his attempt to ignore the lovely specimen, his cock stirred in his trousers, straining against the zipper. Nothing he wanted more right now than to be in Calisto’s arms, holding, kissing him, making love for the rest of their days. He wished to penetrate that glorious ass and spill his seed into the angel, claiming him as his own. Valios didn’t want the other man his father talked about, no not at all. Instead, he desired the angel Calisto to be his lover. Still, he couldn’t show weakness even when the angel most likely detected his insecurity. “No…Calisto… we cannot. The rules forbid it. We won’t…”

“But we can, Valios. You must prove to my father you are worthy of my love. Show him that you do have love in your heart and he will grant us the chance, Valios. He will show his mercy and dispel the rule allowing us to be lovers.” Calisto ran up to him, wrapping his strong arms around Valios body, squeezing him tight. “Please, Valios. Please show him we are made for one another.” Calisto leaned in, nuzzling his nose against Valios skin.

“Mmmphh…” Valios cold flesh turned warm underneath Calisto’s soft touch. His dick ached to be inside Calisto and his heart was softening with each passing minute. Could he prove to the higher power that he was willing to change just to have the chance at love with Calisto?

Valios sensed himself swaying in that direction but what would he say to his father?

* * * *

Ah I love this tale

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