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10 Days of Xmas - Day Three Michael Mandrake



My turn to join the party

And my question is, name my characters from my first book!

A: Brandon and Larry

B: Brendan and Luscious

C: Brandon and London

D: Brad and David

Winner gets an ebook from my backlist and a gift from N'awlins Exotica

Blurb: New Orleans is supposed to be the big easy. One night changes everything for Frankie Choteau.
New Orleans. A city rich in tradition, diversity, and on the comeback trail from hurricane Katrina. Francois “Frankie” Choteau, a resident of this town, a cop with a hot temper and low tolerance for bs. Kajika Fortier, a transplant from Oklahoma came here looking for a dream and unfortunately it’s turned into a nightmare. On a hot summer night, they meet and cross paths during a very difficult situation. Despite this, the attraction between them is evident and loneliness for both men is a fate worse than death. They’d both like a chance at happiness but will the circumstances and Frankie’s uneasiness prevent their happy ever after?
Here's a sexy scene for you. I loved writing it!
Bass line started, the white light shone over a tall muscular figure dressed all in black, with a fedora and overcoat. The music cued and Frankie recognized the tune immediately.

I Get So Lonely, by Janet Jackson. Wow, Kajika!” His eyes affixed to the platform, he stared at the man walking slowly to the front. The crowd still yelling and whooping at the sight of this gorgeous individual.

With the first part of the song, Kajika slid from the left to the right, moving along with the rhythm. His body tensed up to perform the moves. Kajika waved his arms and puffed out his chest. 

I remember that dance back in the day.

Kajika removed his hat, revealing his gorgeous, slanty eyes, and the audience lost it. Immediately, women and men lined up on the sides, money in hand, ready to give it to him once he stripped off the layers. That included all the older women at the table; one of them, with a walker, scooted quickly to take her place.

A stunned Frankie looked on, mesmerized by Kajika and his expert moves. His timing and rhythm perfect with Janet. He looked as if he were in the video along with her. A hush filled the room, everyone in the same haze as Frankie while they stared at him, seemingly waiting for the first piece of clothing to fly off. In a matter of seconds, he gave them what they wanted, throwing the hat and coat, revealing the beautiful face and black hair in a long ponytail.

That body!

“Ahhh! Oh my God, Kajika! I wanna have your babies!” A woman screamed from the center stage, holding a fifty in her hand, waving it in his direction.
Kajika stalked her like she was his prey and danced his way down to accept the gift. He rolled his hips and pressed his body against hers, nuzzling her neck, and smiling the whole time.

She gave him the bill gladly and stayed there, frozen, while he continued his routine. He held up one finger and when the song chorus hit again, he tore his pants off, tossing them to her as a souvenir.

At first sight of those tanned legs the crowd yelled again, calling out to him. Frankie’s breaths quickened and his dick jutted against his own trousers. He’d seen the upper half of that body nude and now, except for the underwear, he was seeing more.

“Whoa!” Frankie couldn’t believe his eyes. He finished his beverage. The bitter taste did nothing to curb his thirst, it only coated it. He knew the only thing to quench it completely lay in front of him. “Kajika, ooh…” Frankie shook his head, amazed at how well the man could dance.

Where did he learn to do all this?

How does a small town Oklahoma boy learn to do all these moves? He didn’t mention dance school or any formal training and yet he performed as if he should be on one of the dance shows on TV.

Expecting more, the lady stayed in the front and Kajika rolled his body down to her level again, bending backwards for her to rub it. She did and it instantly made Frankie very jealous but he knew Kajika had to satisfy this woman since she tipped him well. To add insult to Frankie’s injury, Kajika’s brown eyes met her gaze and his lips collapsed on top of hers while he held her head close to his own.

Fuckin hot!

The crowd went nuts looking on, most likely wishing they were in this woman’s place right now.

“Ooh God, take me with you!” The woman bellowed and held onto him, not allowing Kajika to move. 

He kissed her again and pulled away quickly. Kajika somersaulted backward and landed on the floor, once the midpoint of the song ended. While still there, Kajika pressed his body against it and did pushups, showing his strength and stamina. He arched his body again and looked up at the ceiling, rolled his neck around, and jumped up once more. This time he tore off his shirt and tie, allowing the light brown chest with perky nipples and outtie navel to make an appearance. Again, the crowd roared while Janet wailed in the background. Now, only covered with the G-string, Kajika cartwheeled before sliding on his knees to the front of the stage, allowing the women and men to touch all over him, throwing money, pushing cash between the strings.

In a daze, Frankie looked on, not knowing what had hit him. Lust filled his mind. His engorged cock ready to spring free he continued to keep his eyes on Kajika and his adoring fans. He wished he could rescue him from the mauling, but he looked to be handling it quite well on his own. “Damn, baby.” Frankie marveled at the moves some more and when Kajika released the hair from the rubber band, his heart thumped in his chest.

“You go, Kaj!” Naomi yelled out next to him, clapping loudly.
Kajika only nodded in her direction and spun on his toes at the end of the song. Bills all around him, he did one more move then strolled toward the edge of the stage, gazing out at the crowd with hungry eyes. More music started, this time another song with JJ’s voice that Frankie loved. Finally, he recalled they talked about their favorite music and how both agreed that Janet would be the only woman they’d want to sleep with.
You did it for me? This made Frankie feel special. Now he wanted to show his appreciation in a different manner. “Gonna make your body wet…” Frankie sang along and snapped his fingers to the beat. Kajika’s eyes met Frankie’s and, at that moment, Frankie wanted to grab him off the platform and fuck his brains out.

Instead, he watched him come off the stage and toss his shoes to the side. With the music still going, he slinked up to Frankie, taking a place on his lap. Kajika raked his own hair with his hands and shook it out until it cascaded over his broad shoulders. He traced the outlines of Frankie’s face with his fingertips. 

“Ooh…shii…” Frankie froze, not able to move a muscle with Kajika this close in proximity to him. Mouth dry like the Sahara, he moistened his lips and eyed the pretty man while he gyrated on him and wrapped his arms around Frankie’s shoulders.
“I want you so bad, Frankie,” he hissed and traced his ear with his tongue.


Just the voice, coupled with his movements, caused Frankie to spurt in his pants. He closed his eyes, envisioning them in bed together, enjoying each other. It was sex without even removing his clothes while Kajika was almost naked in his arms. And although the club was filled to the brim, loud people chanting his name, Frankie could only see Kajika on his lap, feel the hard and muscled body under his fingers. Seemingly everyone disappeared for that minute and he grasped Kajika’s buttocks, pressing him down onto his crotch.

Passion brewing between them they were in the midst of a heated exchange. Kajika softly kissed his lips, their tongues tangled in a hot embrace.

“I want you too!” Frankie forgot all about what was occurring around them, including the older women behind them yelling and clapping loudly. He reciprocated the kiss, then again, they explored each other’s mouths with reckless abandon until both stopped abruptly, and looked at each other, starry-eyed.

“Be right back,” Kajika whispered and pressed his lips onto Frankie’s once more before hopping off and jumping back on stage. With the music ending, he dropped to the floor and rolled once again, to give the people a chance to maul him.
All Frankie could do was stand there and watch. “Good God, Kajika. You are−” 

Despite his dick’s response to Kajika, Frankie remained hard as a rock. His own nipples pebbled under his silk shirt and the adrenaline raced through him like an electric current.

Damn, baby.

Kajika Fortier was indeed the star of this place. If the crowd reaction didn’t prove that, nothing would.

Still gawking, Frankie clapped along with the other audience members showing their appreciation for Kajika’s performance. He wondered how on earth anyone would be able to top what just went on there at N’awlin’s Entertainment over the last ten or so minutes.

If there were someone to come behind Kajika, they wouldn’t be able to best that. This Frankie was sure of. And now, he wished to have this pretty man all to himself, to ravage the rest of the evening. 

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