Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Thoughts - Keeping it Modest

Welcome to 2014. Yep, goodbye 2013 and all that went with it. It’s time to start anew. When I did my year end blog, I thought about how I'd approach things in 2014. Would I try for more words this year? Last year I made the 500k… just barely. Read more? I definitely want to do that. I fell short of my goal to read 150. I read about 141. One book I’m still reading from last year. That I’d like to change and read a lot more but with all the muses and a fourth one ready to spread her wings I need to be reasonable. And yes, I also have a family, an evil day job I hate, as well as other responsibilities; aging parents, my life outside of writing fiction… metal journalism, and a few great pals I like to hang out with.

So this year, instead of putting the pressure on myself to write 1 million or read 300 books, I’m aiming lower. What’s that you say? Why am I going low instead of high? As I said, to keep it modest which makes it more attainable. To me, going lower means I spend more time editing, revising, learning, and honing the craft. I have so many stories that need rewrites including ones that never got submitted as well as stories that have been published but rights revert back to me. The muses in these stories cannot be ignored any longer so in order to make them live again, I’m planning on taking time out of new stuff for the old stuff to be renewed. Make sense? I sure hope so. 

No worries, there are still new ones that will see the light of day. Calisto and Valios, more from N'awlins Exotica, and BL's Wretched.

By setting the goals lower it means I’m not worrying about how many read books or word counts. Instead, it’s about getting books out there to be subbed and or published. Hopefully this will work so that 2014 going into 15 will be a successful one for me and the 3 muses. Oops, I mean four!

Watch out for Veronica Bagby on January 15th!

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