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Wednesday Briefs #40 - Valios and Calisto


I'm excited to be doing the briefs again and dusting off Valios and Calisto. 
Yes I realize, they need their story sooner than later

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Hit Me with Your Best Shot

“No, no, I cannot…I will not!” Valios wrestled himself away from Calisto’s clutches, nearly tumbling over in a heap. “Stay away from me, angel. You and I cannot be together. I cannot love you, I will not go against the desires of my father for you.”

Calisto dropped his head a moment and moistened his lips. “Valios…”

“No, no…” Valios shook his head and shifted away in a hurry so as not to see the beautiful angel up close. Surely the more time they spent together, the more he would desire to be with him. “Go away, Calisto. Go back to your heavenly bed and be with someone good, someone holy like yourself. We don’t belong together…” Valios clutched his heart when he spoke the words. The pain of those scathing remarks seared through his burning flesh making him wince.

“Valios, I cannot and will not leave without you. We belong together, you know this. Despite the way we fought back then, you know I did not mean to hurt you.” Calisto ran up behind him, holding him from behind, cradling him around his waist. “Valios, I had the chance to kill you then and leave you as a pile of dust with just the force of my hand. I could not do it Valios because I knew in my heart I belonged with you. Don’t discard me Valios. You know you love me just the same. As Cal or as Calisto, you love me. There is no denying that.” Calisto leaned against Valios, nuzzling the space underneath his ear.

Valios lowered his lids, feeling tears well up inside of him. Just from Calisto’s hands touching him, smoke rose from his flesh, melting his cold outer exterior, stirring something real in his frozen heart. Valios nibbled on his bottom lip until it went numb. “Calisto…no… I cannot. I…I admit, I do have feelings for you in the depths of my soul. Those will never go away but we are from two different worlds, you are good, squeaky clean, while I am bad, vile, disgusting. I wish to do nothing but harm to people who cross my path while you want to help.”

Calisto fondled Valios sides and leaned on his shoulder. “You were once one of God’s angels, Valios. You fell out of favor when you questioned his methods but God is very forgiving. If you show yourself worthy of another chance he will give it to you.”

Thinking of the fateful day, Valios bit down on his lip a little harder, breaking skin. When he cursed God and was hurled from the heavens was a sad day for all, including Calisto. He’d been around longer than the angel prince but it didn’t stop him from being attracted to the next in line to the wretched Michael. Could he ever live amongst them just for Calisto’s sake?


Valios wouldn’t. He enjoyed being a soul catcher, taking human souls and feeding upon them for his own pleasure. There was no hope for his cold heart to thaw out and completely change. Not for Calisto and certainly not for the so called God. “Ugh…” With all his strength, Valios shrugged his shoulders and broke away. The force drove the lithe Calisto backwards.

Calisto slid across the clear tiles until his back hit the wall. Speckles of gold dust flew off his body. He shook his head. “Oh Valios, I feel it in your heart. You love me, I know this. I sensed the good energy coming from you.”

Valios wrinkled his nose and raised an eyebrow. “Never angel, no good, just hurt from the father disowning me. I will never see his side of it, Calisto and I won’t go back to that side either when I know where I belong.”

Calisto sighed and rubbed the corners of his eyes. He gulped hard and kneeled with his head held high. “Then I know what you must do in order to make us both happy, Valios.”

Valios spun on his heel, meeting the angelic blue eyes of his beloved nemesis. He crossed his arms over his chest, waiting on the answer. “And what is that, Calisto?  Despite my feelings towards you the only thing that will…” Valios knew nothing of happy. Content was the better word. He could feel content with something.

Happy and content with Calisto.

“Urgh!” Valios grit his teeth. “You must leave me, Calisto. That would leave me content…”

Calisto shrugged his robe from his shoulders, revealing beautiful tanned, glowing skin. “No Valios, the only way I will leave is by you destroying me. I will not be content nor happy without you. Strike me down and put me out of my misery. Send me to the lake of fire where I belong.”

Valios’ eyes widened and he vehemently shook his head.


No way would he hurt Calisto. Not with the feelings that lingered in his cold heart. He wanted the angel to go back to the heavenly realm and live forever with someone of his kind. Though it would hurt Valios to see him with someone else, that’s the way it had to be. Demon and angels could not be together. Ever. “No, Calisto, I will not hurt you. Go back to where you belong…”

“No, Valios. I won’t, not without you. I won’t live in happiness without the man I love more than anything including my eternal existence. Hit me with your best shot, demon!” Calisto huffed and his eyes turned a deep shade of crimson. “Destroy me, Valios! Send me to purgatory for your father to eat my soul alive!”

Valios continued to shake his head and the tears froze on his cheeks. Despite what he was saying in his head, his father encouraged him through telepathy to destroy the angel as he’d asked.

Do me proud, son. Kill him! Destroy him!

“No, Father! No Calisto. I will not, I won’t hurt you or a hair on your pretty head.” Valios dropped to his knees and softly caressed the angel’s cheek. He traced the warm tears and sweat on Calisto’s face. “No… regardless of what you or anyone says to me, I will not hurt you. Ever.”

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