Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday Briefs #44 - Sire and Justice

Greetings folks. 

Sire and Justice are really building a story here.

I hope you are enjoying it!

Today's prompt is a character crying.

Character Crying

“Mmph.” Justice held onto his lover as if his life depended on it. He sighed deeply, trying to hold back the tears starting to fall from his eyelids. He’d done it. Justice made himself relevant in Sire’s life and all he needed to do now was convince his Sire to make that next step. Though Sire seemed to be backtracking on the agreement they’d made months ago, Justice was still happy at how much progress they’d made in this short time period.  

Sire’s azure eyes met Justice’ gaze. He kissed him lightly on the lips. “What’s wrong, lover? Why the tears?” Sire gently brushed his calloused hand against Justice’ face. “I thought you’d be happy to be with me long term.”

Justice sniffed and chuckled through the moisture pouring form his eyelids. He moistened his lips and gulped hard. His mouth felt like sandpaper. “Oh, of course I am Sire. I’m just in shock. I mean−” Justice straightened himself on Sire’s lap and laid his head onto Sire’s. “I’ve been wondering if you’d ever acknowledge the way we feel about one another, I mean, I know you loved your wife and all and um.” Justice stopped himself a moment to make sure the thought he was trying to convey didn’t come across all wrong. “I didn’t want to try replacing her, I just wanted to be important to you.”

“And you are.” Sire lifted Justice’ chin and placed small pecks on the trail of tears. “You are very special to me. You’ll never replace anything I had with Tawnya. What we have is unique and beautiful. I love you just the same but I’m treating the two loves as very different situations. Tawyna was my life partner as a young man and now I have you as an older man. I would consider myself very lucky to have fallen in love with two very lovely people.” Sire ran his hands over Justice’ silk shirt, tracing the ruffles one by one. “You’re my partner, my helper, my confidant. You’re my man, Justice. With this bracelet it means we’re committed and like I said, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to make that next step, I only want you to realize how D/s isn’t the whole thing in our relationship. It’s only part of it. It’s an enhancement.”

Justice nodded and dropped his head, somewhat disappointed in Sire’s answer. Didn’t Sire realize that Justice craved for the D/s to be more than just part of their commitment? He wanted to live it to its fullest. He desired for his Sire to test his abilities, push him to the limits, take him to new heights that he knew only Sire could take him in. Going to the munches weren’t just entertainment for him, they were a learning experience. He wished Sire would take a more active role in showing him the importance of discipline and authority then coat it with love. It wasn’t a game to him it was part of what he wanted out of their life together.

I hope he sees where I’m coming from.

“Justice? Do you feel better now, love?” Sire raised his bushy eyebrows and curled his arms around Justice’ waist. “Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

Justice reciprocated the small kiss Sire gave him and rested his hands on his old man’s broad shoulders. He enjoyed that deep voice with the British accent asking him how he was feeling and being all nice but not as much as the tough talk laced with expletives that Sire used when he wanted something right then. It was more than just the way he said it but how he showed his anger if things weren’t done just so. Until Sire, Justice had never known this side of him that wanted to be spanked, bound, and forced to wait to climax. He’d always looked for a more mature man to love him and Sire was that man who introduced him to a world he never thought he’d take so much pleasure in.

Recalling the first couple of nights they played, Justice sighed and shrugged his shoulders. He softly ran his hand over Sire’s face and kissed the tip of his nose. “I do, Sire, I just want you to realize how important all this is to me and how I look forward to it being a bigger part of our lives.” And he did even if it meant doing something wrong on purpose just to see his personal drill sergeant in action.

Justice felt he was never cut out for military life since he often thought of himself as a wimp but with Sire as his lover he could have part of that along with the nurturing lover he’d always been searching for.

* * * *

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