Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tease Me Thursday #1 - WIP On the Run Michael Mandrake

Michael and I are busy working on On the Run. My muse is Idris Elba aka Devlin "Brit" Crawford.

Here's a little snippet form this WIP. I got rid of one paragraph to follow the rules! *snicker* 

“I s’pose we’re done here?” Devlin Crawford leaned back in his chair, facing his boyfriend, or make that ex-boyfriend since he called him specifically to break up with Devlin.
William Gather looked sheepishly away from Devlin, not meeting his gaze. “I’m sorry, Dev. I can’t handle you being gone all the time on these secret projects. It’s killing me not knowing what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with−”
“Who I’m doing it with?” Devlin burst out in hysterics. “Are you jealous, William? If you are, you shouldn’t be. In all honesty, most blokes are afraid of me. They think because I’m a tall, well-built black man I’ll pummel them after I plow their arses into the nearest leather sofa. And then they hear me speak and find out I’m college educated, making a little over six figures doing…” he hesitated, “Whatever the fuck I do, but none are even remotely interested. Like I say, I give off that aura of fear and intimidation, but I’m neither of those.” To distract himself from the lie he just told, Devlin reached for the bottle of wine and poured a glass for William then for himself. “You’re being absolutely ridiculous, but if you want to leave me, suit yourself. I am not stopping you.”
William’s face pinked and he accepted the drink. “I don’t think I am, Devlin. I care for you a lot but you’re gone weeks on end and you can’t even tell me where you are.”
Devlin rolled his eyes and his mouth tensed. “I explained this to you before we started seeing one another. My job is top secret and I can’t reveal much for fear anyone around me might be affected and not in a good way.”
William sighed, “Well I can’t handle that, Devlin. I want us to have total open communication throughout the relationship. You’re gone too often. You can’t talk about where you are. You don’t call much and when you do it’s like speaking in code or something. I can’t handle that anymore, Dev.”

“Then leave.” Devlin glared at William from across the table. No way would he be upset about his relationship failing when this man was being totally unreasonable. Besides, he had to talk with the boss again to go over his next job; kidnap a certain someone in the states and take him to somewhere so they’d do whatever the hell they wanted with him. No doubt something involving drugs and he mentioned being paid handsomely. Who needed a man when he could buy one for a night or two?

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