Monday, February 21, 2011

Manlove Monday - Wet and Wild

Manlove Monday 2.21.11

Wet and Wild

Hello again. This, the Monday after Valentine’s Day, I’m featuring another photo by Kevin Slack. The photo is again, rich on color just as the last, but a lot more naughty. I chose it because in a lot of the stories I’ve written, my characters love a bath or shower together. Why?

Simply because there’s nothing more, sexy than being wet with the one you love. In a tub outside, or surrounded by candles, with music playing in the background. Even a romantic splash in the shower big enough for two. It’s a total excursion for both parties involved where they enjoy that private time, the soothing feeling of the water hitting your bodies, relaxing you both and/or causing arousal.

The last photo from 2/7, you may recall it was pretty innocent. This one is not too racy but gives you a clear picture of what happens with our couple from last week’s impromptu story.

NOTE: I have obtained permission to use the photographs. Do NOT copy or reproduce unless you contacted him first.

More than friends part 2

After the two of us shared kisses, we made our way outside to enjoy a relaxing bath in the tub. It didn’t take me a lot of time to convince him since he was just as excited about delving into that newfound affection as I was. In my opinion, it would only make the sexual encounter between us hotter. I’m sure afterwards we would be so ready to make love we wouldn’t be able to contain ourselves.

Once we’d gotten the water from a nearby stream, he stepped in. His eyes met mine, a smile appeared on his face. “C’mon friend, don’t be hesitant.”

Truthfully, I was a bit nervous, mostly because, not only would this be our first time together but also the first time I would have sex with a man. I had dated many women in the past, but none of them excited me like he did. I was so glad that he desired me just as I had him.

Within moments, I put a foot in the tub while staring into his light eyes. He was so beautiful and now, finally, we would get this time together.

I grabbed the pail next to the tub, pouring it over his head and shoulders. He laughed at me while shaking his head. “That feels good on this hot day, lover.”

I nodded, setting the bucket down before sitting inside with him. The minute I was settled, he moved closer to me, wrapping his legs around my waist, I could feel our cocks touching one another.

“Mhmm…” I moaned as he took both of our shafts in his palm, rubbing them together in the same rhythm.

“Oouhuuuu…” He groaned, his mouth was right near my ear; he traced it with his tongue. “Now that we are here, let us take pleasure in one another…”

I could only agree, placing my arms on his broad shoulders. I covered my lips with his as he continued to create this hot moment between us. The pressure was building in my groin, I knew I wouldn’t be able to withstand it for long.

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