Monday, March 7, 2011

3rd Author Spotlight, Sapphire Phelan

The 3rd Author spotlight series is up, Sapphire Phelan.

Please enjoy the page as she answers a few questions about the sequel to beast Magic, Dark Leopard Magic.

Greetings again readers!

I'm pleased to have Sapphire Phelan answer a few questions about her book, Dark Leopard Magic which is the sequel to Beast Magic.

I found the book to be very entertaining. I fell in love with Sapphire's characters, Dev and Montsho and cheered them on throughout the book. The sex was hot as well as the spin on their powers and lives as shapeshifters.

Please enjoy this interview regarding this book and Sapphires love for scifi/paranormal

MM: Was there a reason you picked Key West for the setting?

SP: Good question. I can't really remember why initially I picked Key West, but when looked up about it for descriptions and places (like the library) found that it was a good community for the gay community. So no matter why, i guess it was fate that made me pick the area.

MM: Is there an author that does paranormal/shapeshifter that you look up to?

SP:Kelley Armstrong

MM: Is the paranormal your favorite subgenre?

SP: Yes. Well, part of--I also love science fiction, fantasy and also horror.

MM: When you did the research for this, did you read other shapeshifter books?

SP: No, just on gay sex. I knew my shapeshifters of all kinds since I was a kid, as read up on them in nonfiction books besides fiction. Shapeshifters of all kinds are my favorite supernatural creature (ghosts are too).

MM: Montsho and Dev were vibrant characters. Were their models for the two of them?

SP: Not really. Like most of my characters they're all from m y head. Maybe they are bits and pieces of people I ran into my life, but no one is one set person they are based off of.

MM: Is there a chance that we will see any more stories from this beloved pairing in the future?

SP: This is a second book in a trilogy. The first one was M/F, Beast Magic. There will be a third one, Wolf Magic--werewolves--that will be working on and submitting to Phaze Books. Montsho and Dev most likely will be in that, along with Ramses and Shana from the first one. I can tell you, the werewolf that helped Dev is the hero in that one.

I'd like to thank Sapphire for answering those questions. Next Author up, S.L. Danielson
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