Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fiction, Cocktails, and Gossip with Rawiya and Michael M

Well, we made it bigtime for REAL! *laughs*

this is a big thing to have a full page ad, interview, and story for the triad in a very popular e-mag run by a very talented and lovely lady named, Suzannah Safi.

This issue features, the ad for The True Meaning of Love as well as an interview with me, the lady behind the three names, as well as a story by Rawiya. With Menage' Comes Insecurities which is an M/M/F spinoff of Masquerade.

Wow. And joining us in here is the lovely, Blak Rayne, Amy Romaine, Jacqueline George and others.

Please visit the mag to view and as per usual, thank you all for the continued support!

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