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Free Read Mi Familia Part IV

Greetings! Sorry, I'm a day late with the post. I've been so busy planning for the It's Raining Men opening that time got away this week. Here is the next part as well as a short synopsis of what has already happened.

Last Chapters at Left

Synopsis - We started with the present of three friends before going back to their school years meeting them and already feeling their pain. The most is sorrow is for Diante' who is enduring the beatings from his father and very little support from mom. His friends Vince and Jared would like to help in someway but are afraid to proceed knowing that Diante' will take issue.

Part IV

Diante’ had made it to class, not waiting for his two friends. The teacher yelled at him as he ran in. The eyes from other students followed him as he took his seat.

“Sorry…I’m late.”

The instructor shook his head. “Just get to the page, please. Where are your sidekicks?”

Diante’ squirmed in his chair while getting his book out. His classmates were still staring. “Um, I guess they’re comin’.” He slumped down at his desk, abhorring the fact that the teacher was singling him out. Diante’ told Jared and Vince about Mr. Winkledorf and his attitude towards tardiness. At the moment, he wished he weren’t there to feel the wrath.


Back outside, Jared and Vince were talking, enjoying a smoke. They both figured since they were already a half an hour late for Winkledorf’s class, they wouldn’t bother. Besides, Jared had some prime weed that he wanted to share with his good buddy and he wanted to make a plan to jump Diante’s father.

He took a toke from the joint before passing it to Vince. “Hey man,” he cleared his thought. “I meant what I said about gettin’ that fuck. I’m tired of seeing Diante’ pay the price.”

Vince stared at him as he smoked it. “I hear ya, dude but Diante’ may never forgive us for doin’ somethin’, you know? He always claims he can handle it.”

Jared shook his head, placing his foot up on the bench. “His faggot ass cannot handle it, Vince. Diante’ is too much of a wuss to stand up to the man. Not only that, his old lady ain’t no help.”

“Well, what do you expect? She’s too small to do anything about that big son of a bitch.”

“She needs to get herself and Diante’ away from that mother fucker. That’s how you solve that.” Jared was ready to roll another joint as he noticed Vince taking more than a couple smokes. “Hey dude, why don’t we just skip it today, huh? I’m not feelin’ school right now. We could go back to my place, have some drinks, play some games.”

Vince chuckled, “Sounds good but, Diante’ won't like it if we leave him behind, man.”

Jared laughed. “We need to go get his ass. I wish he would’ve took that pager I was tryin’ to give him. He claimed he’d draw too much attention to himself.”

“Well duh! Diante’ does stay around a bunch of bangers and drug dealers. They’d think he was tryin’ to rival them or somethin’.”

Jared rolled his eyes. “He could stuff the fuckin’ thing in his bookbag. I told him it would be only for emergencies. I could’ve ran over to the nearest payphone and called him.”

Vince nodded. “He’ll be out of dorkman’s class soon. We need to just sit tight. Then, we could run in and get him before his stupid chemistry class.”

Jared agreed. “Sounds like a plan. I got some rum and gin at the crib, dude. We could get lit both ways, man. I told you fucks, if you’d just go get jobs we could find a place together.”

“I know, I just don’t wanna work, you know? I’m too lazy. I like being takin’ care of.”

“And in the meantime, you gotta deal with your folks. Don’t they get on your nerves?”

Vince sighed, shrugging his shoulders. “Yeah, they do but…”

Jared shook his head, chuckling. He looked at his wristwatch. “You’d rather deal than get some pissy little job just so you could pay rent.”

“Yeah, well…um…” he hesitated. “Naw…hell, you know what? Maybe I’ll take you up on that, dude. I’m really tired of that old cuntwhore tryin’ to be my momma.”

Jared smiled. “Yep, you come to live with me, won’t be no rules, dude, except that you got your rent when it's time to pay. We could find some hole in the wall, easy. Maybe we can get by with two bedrooms since three might be too expensive. If Diante’ comes in on it we can.”

As Jared was talking, the bell sounded, meaning that Diante’ should be out of class. The two of them pinched the ends of their joints, putting them out of sight. They started running towards the building looking for Diante’ to grab him before the next bell.

Jared spotted Diante’ coming out the side door with his bag on his shoulder. “Hey dude.” He called out to his friend. Both the young men ran over to him.


Diante’ wrinkled up his lips. He knew seeing his two friends they were most likely up to something. “What’s up? Why didn’t you…” He stopped short, turning his head. “What the hell, man. You two got high this fuckin’ early?” He pinched his nose, starting to cough.

“Yep. Dude, we’re not feelin’ class today. Why don’t we head back to my place, huh?”

Diante cocked an eyebrow. He recalled what he’d said earlier about not wanting to go in. Winkledorf had already made him feel bad about being late. “Um, damn…” he smiled. “Well…aw fuck it. I’m in. I don’t feel like it either.”

“That’s the spirit, dude. Let’s go before one of the teachers spot us.” Jared slapped hands with both of them before they started taking off in the opposite direction.

Diante’ was behind Jared and Vince following them off school grounds. This wasn’t something he normally did but he really didn’t feel like being at school anyway. Besides, he was passing with straight A’s and B’s despite the fact he was getting beat senseless by his dad and all the commotion in his house. Right now, Diante’ desired the companionship of his friends. He had something he wanted to ask them about, more like a couple of things and since he had no one else to talk to about these things, Jared and Vince would be the ones to hear what he had to say.

Part Five

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