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Saturday Sips - True Meaning of Love 2

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Welcome to the Saturday Sip today. Rawiya and I are the only ones doing sips. BL is still relishing in her contract which we are all ecstatic about for You Don't Ask, We Don't Tell so that leaves myself and me not so wicked alter ego to entertain you on this lovely Saturday.

There is a little from my sequel to my first novelette, True Meaning of Love. It is next in line to be finished once Rawiya is done with Lessons in Ink. 

Here is a bit of the WIP

“Somewhere in this town there’s gotta be the kind of lights I’m lookin’ for.” London Davies sat at his desk at home looking through a catalogue of samples. “Listen,” he moved his chair closer to his desk. “I don’t care where you hafta get ‘em. I don’t care how much it costs either.” He tapped his fingers on the fine wood. When he heard something else he didn’t want to, he threw a pen across the room. “Alright!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, rubbing his temples. “Fine, I’ll just call someone else. I’m sure there are many a supplier who would love to do business with a queer. Goodbye!” London slammed the phone on the desk, leaning back in his chair.
The moment he did, his on and off again man, James Faust came into the room. He walked around the back of London’s chair, caressing his shoulders. “There, there, baby…” He kissed his head.
London immediately moved away. “I thought I told you to leave,” he hissed. He shrugged James’ lingering hand away. “You had your fun.”
James smiled wryly. “I had more than my share but…” he grabbed onto London once again. “There’s always a need for seconds.”
London sighed, rolling his eyes. The last thing he needed was James hovering over him when plans for Fantasia had been stilted by the supplier’s issues. “James, not now, okay? Instead of tryin’ to get me into bed, you could try gettin’ another company to fill this order!” He frowned at James, getting up from the seat.
“Oh my God. I think you need to be the one who gets fucked.” James followed London to the window, once again, grabbing his biceps.
London began to succumb to James fingers. He’d been tense all day due to the problems with the supplier. He rolled his neck, weakening to his ex’s massage. “Mhmm…” he groaned, closing his eyes, rubbing his own chest while his cock hardened underneath his trousers. His nipples became taut, he licked his lips, falling under James’ spell. “James…I…no…c’mon.”
James licked his ear. “I think you do need somethin’, London. Too bad we’re not in Los Angeles anymore, hmm? That model Christian…”
“Mhmm…” London grinned, dreaming of the American model with the killer tattooed body and gorgeous smile. “He was quite the looker, James. I told you, you should’ve stayed with the young bloke.”
“He was into you, mostly, London.” James continued his affections. He traced London’s neck with his nails while the other hand still gripped his muscles. “Maybe we should send for him, hmm? See if he could get you to loosen up.”
London shook his head, patting the back of his ex’s palm. As much as he was aroused and tempted to go down that road with James again, he knew better not to; he’d already screwed up today by sleeping with him when they were supposedly no longer an item. “James, listen, with all due respect my friend, let’s not do this, alright? We broke up. We keep goin’ on this merry go round and it’s not doin’ either of us any good.  We tried the relationship thing and it didn’t work.” He walked around him to open the door to his office. “We need to end this, James. I love you, but, again, the relationship thing with you doesn’t work.” He waived his hand out. “C’mon, I’ll take you home.”
James shook his head, exhaling. “London, you made the decision to split, not me!” His eyes narrowed. He grabbed his jacket on the way out.
London’s brown eyes followed the slender, shorter man out the door. “Yes, I did and it was for the good of both of us. We went too far in our friendship. Good friends should never, ever sleep with one another!”

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C. Zampa said...

Love the excerpt!

Rawiya said...

Thank you so much. I love the story. I'm shooting for 8/8 for it to be done

Blak Rayne Books said...

Love the excerpt hun! Excellent story. xoxox

Rawiya said...

Thanks very much!