Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thoughts from the head...

Good afternoon!

Very rarely do I get to blog without a guest or a regular feature scheduled so I thought, why not take advantage of that today?


I just put down my goals for the week or well for the month at Taboos. Some very lofty ones too considering I'm working on so many at once.

I always say, Damnit, I'm not gonna start a new story till... and I end up doing just that which brings me to where I am right now with 10 WIP's.

OUCH! Yep, I did it to myself and do you think my muses give a damn? Nope. The one speaking the loudest is my Rawiya muse who has lagged behind as Michael and BL continue to do stories and get published.

I feel bad for my "normal" muse which sits in between the gay man and the wicked girl who come up with some awesome ideas. In the meantime, she sits and waits her turn...most of the time, but this week she's pissing a fit!

It actually started last week. We wrote a story and now she wants her novellas edited and ready to go. I have 4 on hold for her. So I guess I better get working or she'll haunt me forever. Well, they all do that anyway but that's besides the point.

Anyways, I have so many appearances coming up. I also had a couple that just passed which was awesome.

Yesterday I was at Sam Crescents blog which had a great turnout and Sunday I was at Goddess Fish which also had a great turnout.

If you look to the left, I have much more planned and there will be guests here as well.

Also, starting August on Taboo only I'll begin doing 1 guest blog a week unless its a special release from another author.

I'd like to have guests at all three so if interested please email michaelmandrake71@gmail.com for Tabooindeed and srlmort71@gmail.com for BL and Rawiya. 

Here, we will make Thursday guest day and will continue to do all the other regular features you are used to. I'll continue to have Sheila on once a month and I'm looking for a regular guest blogger to join me here on Taboo. I have an idea who I want it to be too! ;D

Alright then, watch for me and also, A Second Chance should be out this Friday from XOXO publishing. I previewed it on the links above so if you're curious, please have a look.

Thanks for listening and see you tomorrow for Michael's popular feature, Wow Wednesday.


She said...

Love the photo at the top! Good luck with getting Rawiya's 4 WIP edited.

Rawiya said...

Thanks Sheila. I'll try my best. We have a lot of work to do!