Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - The Top 13 Gay Celebs

Greetings to all! Welcome to the Thursday 13. Rawiya/BL and I will be switching this up every week. Really tough to come up with something different every week. However, this was easy. To name the top gay male celebs. Ones I see made an impact by coming out and not hiding anymore. Some took longer than others but I believe that people in the know revealing their sexuality gives hope to our youths. 

Any particular order either. Have a look and then comment if you like with more.

1. Adam Lambert - Didn't shy away from the questions once someone took his picture kissing another man. He's a great talent, an activist, and he's hot!

2. Anderson Cooper - This man is amazing. Journalist extraordinaire, so incredibly dashing. I watch CNN only to look and listen to him.

3. Chris Salvatore - Actor, singer, mode, social activist. Best known for the movie Eating Out Sloppy Seconds

4. Ricky Martin - Singer Took him a while and a lot of people suspected it but I'm glad he finally came out. 

5. Don Lemon - Journalist and activist. I admire any black man that comes out knowing the pressure on blacks to be in the background is more than their white or other minority peers. (My opinion)

6. Neil Patrick Harris - Actor I love Neil as well as the fact he and his partner are raising kids. Beautiful

7. Elton John - Performer, Legend. Activist, was always supportive of his community.

8. George Michael - Well, this one was tough because he's not really great but a great talent. It took him a while to come out and he's been caught doing a couple of erm questionable things. I still love him though

9. John Amechi - Athlete Author Again, I admire any black man that comes out the closet (see Don Lemon) But also the added burden of being an athlete and holding that in inside the locker room had to be torture. I want to get his book. 

10. Billy Bean Fmr Baseball player Owner A lot of courage to come out after he retired. He is now a successful businessman I believe with the Oakland A's

11. Richard Chamberlin - One of my fave actors and when he revealed his orientation I was thrilled. He's such a talent!

Todd Oldham - Talented fashion designer and activist

13. TR Knight - Actor.  Loved him in Grey's Anatomy.

I know there are more but these are my personal faves. Who are yours?

Hope you enjoyed!


Angel Martinez said...

These are all fabulous choices! I'd have to add, on my personal fave list, Rufus Wainwright, singer/songwriter/ activist.

Kayelle Allen said...

Okay, I'm being honest here. I came to read this because I saw Adam Lambert's picture. I stayed because this was a cool post.

Artemis said...

What sport was John Amechi involved with. He is gorgeous! I'll have to check his book out also. I was surprised to find out Shepard Smith, Fox News Channel is taking his time coming out. I absolutely love watching his programs every day.

Rawiya said...

Ah forgot about Rufus Angel! :D

@Kayelle Thank you. LOL Yes Adam does catch people offguard

Artemis John Amechi was a basketball player and he's British. I love him