Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 1 and 2 of Gay Rom Lit

Good morning!

Welcome to Michael's! Soo, you wanted to know what the head looks like huh? Sharita? Here's your chance! Standing with friend and fellow author Lydia Nix is the creator of myself, Rawiya and BL. 

She took me along on the trip because of all the wonderful success we've had together in such a short period of time and when meeting fellow authors, a lot of people knew Michael Mandrake which is how she prefers it.

Accompanying her on this journey to her first writers conference is the lovely Erika Kristen, her bff, her partner in crime from They've been running buddies for years and she is one of the major reasons why Sharita finally decided to publish. (Thanks E)

Okay so, without further ado, for once, let allow Sharita to talk about her experiences. Take it away mom!

Erm, mom? o.0

Hello, *waives* This has been an awesome experience so far. As Michael said, I brought him along  because we've had the most success through XOXO, Sizzler, and STARbooks  but it doesn't mean we aren't promoing for BL who's first story from Rebel Ink was released on Amazon just yesterday.

However, she'll talk about that herself tomorrow. What about the conference? Its been a fab experience. Meeting so many wonderful authors and people we've always talked to on Facebook and finally being able to put names with faces instead of snapshots. *smiles*

Day 1 was more like rushing running since we took the train in, 20 hours to be exact from Chicago, we didnt make it to the conference hotel until around 630. We did meet up with Taylor Donovan who gave us some direction and I met fellow writer Ellis Carrington who greeted me with a hug when we realized we were Twitter buds. *laughs*

Afterwards we went to Lafitte's for some erm fun. The guy at left, known as Axel, as well as two other scantily clad men provided entertainment. 

Alot of fun since I met up with a few writers as well as a couple of ladies from the goodreads gay romance group I attend. Very cool!

Day 2 was more of the meeting part. We did get our registration items and were able to meet great author Carol Lynne before heading upstairs for coffee. We rushed to Oceania which is a brilliant restaurant on Conte in the quarter. The best food EVER! We visited this place when we came in February. 

After that, we headed back to the Bourbon Orleans where the conference is to the author reading for Damon Suede, ZA Maxfield, Ethan Day and my good friend and fellow writer Tara Lain (right) who I love and respect. She's so awesome!

She read from her new book Golden Dancer which I can't wait to read. We also received some swag which was fantastic. 

I also shook hands with Rick Reed which rocked and met Jambrea Jo Jones. Wow talk about fangirl moment!

After that, back to our hotel for rest before heading back out to the Riverboat Creole Queen for the author signing where I met Lydia Nix, Kiernan Kelly MJ Oshea, and hooked back up with Johnny Miles, our spotlighted author this month SQUEE!

Johnny is sooo awesome! *smiles* The picture is from the boat. The man is an awesome storyteller and an equally fab person. 

I also met fabulous writer from XOXO  and new friend Allison Casatta. We bonded immediately and exchanged promo as well gave the horns for the camera. 

For me an Erika, The ride was very relaxing, took some snapshots while en route, talking about dreams of traveling to Britain on a boat etc. 

After returning to the room, we went back out to the Pretzel Party thrown by Total E-bound and Carol Lynne. Awesome time, meeting Johnny again and Jambrea as ell as some other authors like Piper Vaughn sitting at the same table. 

Really a great time, I tell you. I'm so happy I made it here to share in the very first Gay Rom Lit. I'll take more pics and tell more stories later on next week when I return. Now, we're about to head out for some hanging out on the town before conferencing again tonight. 

Thanks to all for listening and the support of the muses. Maybe next year I'll be on panel.

Enjoy your Saturday!


SJ said...

Great pics and looks like you're having a wonderful time! So happy you got to meet Johnny and so many others! Too much fun!

Thanks for sharing! Great fun post, Shar!


Rawiya said...

Thanks SJ. I am having an awesome time!

LaviniaLewis said...

Wow it looks like you're having an amazing time! I'm so happy for you hon. Wish I was there. Don't forgot to tell us where it's being held next year. I'm already counting down the days lol!

Laura said...

Note to self: Get there next time!

Thanks for sharing, love, love, love the updates!

Pants Off Reviews said...

Looks like an awesome time, and I am so sad to be missing it. Next year baby, will meet u all.

Blak Rayne Books said...

Looks like you had an awesome time and the pictures are great. Congrats hun and I'm glad it went so well.