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Free Read Friday

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Talking to you from New Orleans at Gay Rom lit and I realized I didn't finish my Free Read but I do have one I could share. *grins* I always have a story.

This is from my story I hope to be expanding someday since the main part is in the My Sexy Valentine anthology. The story is called Imperfect Man tentatively.

Here is a short I wrote based on it. 

Only When I Lose Myself is in the My Sexy Valentine collection from Sizzler Books
Also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble –
Part of the story is an excerpt from the full version of the story not in the anthology, the other part will be in the Imperfect Lover Sequel. Hope you enjoy it.
For the first time in his life, Matthew felt confident he might be able to survive without a psychiatrist. Deep down, all he ever wanted was to be loved and accepted by someone else. Now, that Adrian was coming back to him, he felt as though this was his breakthrough. He was on his way to total recovery and as long as Adrian had the patience to put up with occasional slip ups, everything would work between them.
To welcome his new companion back, he lit scented candles all over the apartment. He made a breakfast for him that included an omelet and English muffins along with freshly squeezed juice. Matthew was more than ready to see Adrian and just as he’d finished setting out the meal, the doorbell rang.
“Hello…” Matthew called as he walked to the door in only his boxers. He was only expecting Adrian right now. He looked through the peephole, seeing the singer. Quickly he opened it, only to have Adrian grabbed him tightly, covering Matthew’s lips with his.
The two men embraced, Matthew pulled Adrian in, slipping his coat off his shoulders, tossing it on the sofa. When they stopped, they gazed at each other smiling with tears in their eyes. Matthew began to unbutton Adrian’s shirt, slowly. With every part he uncovered, he moved downward, planting kisses on his chest, all the way to his waist line.
“Yes, Matthew…God I missed you…”
Matthew was on his knees, slipping Adrian’s pants down while nuzzling the singer’s crotch. Once he removed his silk boxers, he brought Adrian’s semi-flaccid cock to his mouth, sucking the head before going further, taking it all down his throat.
“Shittt…Matthew…” Adrian began to shake a little.
Matthew gave his jewels a tug before releasing the hardened muscle from between his lips. He rose from his kneeling position. “Are you hungry, babe?”
“If breakfast is what you’re asking about, then no. I only want you, Matthew. We’ve been away from each other too long.”
Matthew nodded, taking Adrian’s hand as the entertainer stepped out his shoes and trousers. “We have, Adrian. C’mon, follow me, hmm?”
The janitor led his lover into his bedroom before closing the door. As Matthew stepped out of his shorts, Adrian sat on the bed, reaching over to the nightstand to turn on the dock. The sounds came through the speakers, Adrian sighed when he heard the lyrics to one of his own songs. “You’ve been listening?”
Matthew went to him, pushing Adrian on the mattress. “Yes, I have. It was the only way I could feel close to you. I didn’t realize how much I fucked up till you were gone.”
“You didn’t mess up, baby. I did and now, I wanna make up for it.”
Matthew rubbed his crotch into Adrian’s. “I do too, Adrian. Maybe we both had good points. At least we’re back together.” He reached for the lube and condoms, getting ready to prepare Adrian for his sweet invasion. The singer watched as Matthew slicked his fingers with the lube, before slipping a couple into Adrian’s tight space.
“Ohh Goddd…Matthew…” Adrian groaned while he reached for Matthew.
The janitor sheathed himself with the latex. “I promise I won’t finish so quickly this time.”
Adrian smiled as Matthew hovered over him, taking his legs, placing them on his shoulders. “Ohh damn…Matthew.”
He pressed himself inside of Adrian, sighing when the head of his cock hit the wall. “Fuck…oooh, Adrian…I…oh GOD!”
Matthew leaned down, once again, taking Adrian’s lips into his own. Adrian’s song, A Good Lover played in the background as Matthew continued to thrust his manhood inside him. “Adrian…oohh damn, I…oohhh…”  
Matthew wanted to go faster, he felt Adrian clenching his thighs tightly together. “Adrian…I’m ready…”
“For what baby…” Adrian ran his fingers, through Matthew’s hair, moving in the same rhythm.
“To be with you, Adrian. I’m scared but, I don’t wanna be without you.”
“I feel the same.” Adrian rose up slightly, taking Matthew’s mouth inside his. The sensation drove Matthew over the edge, within seconds he felt the latex expand.
“Ohh God! Adrian…” he held on tightly, pushing into his lover with all his strength.
Adrian gripped onto his back muscles, as he also felt the urge to come. “Damn, Matthew, I love you, baby…”
Matthew smiled, stroking Adrian’s face as the shocks began to wear down. “I love you too, Adrian, and I mean it.”
* * * * *
            Hours later, Matthew woke cradling Adrian in his arms. He kissed his head lightly while rubbing his shoulders. Matthew was relieved that Adrian understood where he was coming from. Moreover, he was glad that they were together again. As much as he tried to forget him, he really did miss the singer.
            Looking down at his erection, he gripped Adrian’s shoulders, shaking him gently.
            “Baby…” Matthew wanted to wake Adrian. His morning wood was in need of some relief. Just as Adrian had mentioned, they needed to make up for lost time.
            “Hmm?” Adrian looked up at Matthew, kissing his lips. “Hi gorgeous. You ready to get up outta bed so soon?”
Matthew chuckled, “No way, unless you’re hungry.” He raked Adrian’s curls.
“I’m a little hungry, but I think I can hold off until later. Besides…” Adrian stopped talking to look down. He caressed Matthew through the covers. “I believe you’ve got a problem I wanna solve.”
The janitor laughed heartily, staring into Adrian’s light eyes. “I do. I know of a great way you can take care of that for me,” he winked.
Adrian smiled wickedly, “I’m already reading your mind, my man. It will be my pleasure.” Adrian placed a quick peck on Matthew’s lips before moving down his body with light kisses and nips. With every spot he touched, Matthew got even more excited.
“Ohh sshhhiiii…Adrian, you are…fuuccckkkkk…” Matthew’s eyes rolled up in his head, as Adrian continued to sample his flesh. The closer Adrian got to his hardened muscle, his breaths turned into pants. “Baby…ooohhh…” Right then, Matthew felt Adrian’s mouth taking him in completely. He grabbed the vocalist’s head, pressing it into his crotch. “Damn…” he bit his lip when he felt his jewels being fondled along with a finger or two thrusting inside his tight hole. “Adrian, I’m…ohhh…”
“Mhmmmm…” Adrian’s muffled groan could be heard from beneath the blanket.
“You’re so good at this but I…ohh…I need to be inside you, Adrian. Right now!” Matthew threw back the covers, pulling his lover up to his level.
Adrian laughed at Matthew’s hastiness. “Okay then, you know I’m not complaining.”
Matthew nodded, reaching over to the nightstand getting the supplies. He handed the lube to Adrian before he tore open the foil. Adrian covered Matthew’s mouth again. He rolled off Matthew onto the left side of the bed.
“Mmm, Matthew, I do enjoy when you’re inside me.”
Matthew hovered over his new partner, stroking the man’s length. “I know, so do I…” Matthew smiled, gazing into Adrian’s eyes once again as he poked the head of his cock at Adrian’s puckered opening. He rubbed a little of the wet substance on his fingertips before pressing his digits into Adrian’s tight space. Matthew didn’t break his gaze with the vocalist as he penetrated him. “God you feel so good…”
Adrian gasped for air, binding his lover to his body. His ankles were tickling Matthew’s back, his nails dug into his shoulders. “Fuck, Matthew, damn…” he whispered.
Matthew kissed his forehead. “Adrian…I wanna make this last.” He felt Adrian clench his cock between his thighs. “Ohh yesss…”
“Faster Matthew, harder,” he said softly in Matthew’s ear.
Matthew wanted to keep the pace slow. The fear of exploding immaturely bothered him. It was part of the reason for his anxiety of being in a relationship. He felt he needed to please his man each and every time in order to be suitable partner for him.

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