Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Read Friday

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Welcome to Michael's for a free read Friday!

Today, I'm featuring a short that started the story, Binding Justice in the Bound for Romance anthology. It ended up pretty big in that book and it has more to tell. 

Hope you enjoy this short.

I wanted nothing more than to have a lover that I could mold into something of my former self. Justice seemed perfect in every way, a man that could entertain my mind as well as my groin. He reminded me so much of…oh her, but so much better. I always desired the feelings of another man.

“Justice.” I sat up in the bed, calling to my desired who I'd just punished for coming in so late from a party.

The sound of footsteps told me he was near, those size thirteen’s were not quiet by any stretch.

“Yes…” he said, sounding as if he were trying to catch his breath. 

“Time for a bath, lover…”

Justice rolled his eyes. “Now? I thought you told me I needed to scour the kitchen as a discipline.”

I nodded, looking into the eyes of the man I'd created. Now, he was becoming more difficult since he was finally beginning to fit in. “I get that Justice but there's been a change of plans. Besides,” I rose up from my lounging  position, glaring at him. “I made you what you are and, I'm in charge here.”

Still dressed in his getup from last night, he put his weight on one foot, wrinkling his lips. “I know but you told me I need to finish by a certain time, I'm only following orders.”

“Okay then, and you will follow this too. I want a bath with you…now,” I said with a stern look. “Now fetch my cane so we can go to the bathroom.”

Justice smacked his lips, shaking his head. “Arrgh, I really get tired of this you know. You never know what you want any more.”

My eyes followed his slender frame across the room. When he was in front of me, I snatched the walking stick out his hands, slapping his buttocks with the end.

“Ow…” he cried out. “I…only wish…”

“You’re only wish will be to do as I say, hmm? Now. I guarantee it will be more enjoyable to have this time together in the tub instead of you slaving away.” I got up from the mattress, struggling on my bad feet. Once I finally made it. “Justice, please, listen to me, huh? I have never begged you until now, you know. In the beginning I only took what I wanted and did not ask questions, but, now… I…”

Justice took a deep breath, his brown eyes meeting my blues. “What, Sire? When you brought that young thing home the other night it hurt my feelings. I thought you no longer cared for me…”

Walking closer, I stroked his hair. “I realize that now, Justice. He didn't feel as good as you did anyway, baby. You are mine…and now I finally see that I really don’t need anyone else.”

Justice bent his head, moistening his lips. “You mean that, Sire? Will I always be your favorite?” The moment he stepped near, I grabbed his bicep.

“Yes…and I promise you, I will never do that again. You're all I desire, all that I need.” I dropped the cane, placing both my arms on his broad shoulders leaning on him for support.

Justice’s facial expression turned from frown to a smile within seconds. As he took my waist in his arms, I covered my lips with his, forcing my tongue deep into his mouth. “You really do need a bath, for once, let me do the washing, okay?” I raked his burgundy curls through my fingers.

Again, he grinned. “Fine then, my sire.” Justice reciprocated the kiss, I pulled on his mane to bury my head into his neck, biting the side of his throat. “Oh master, yes…”

When I heard that, the sides of my lips turned upwards prior to nibbling once more on his pale flesh. “Justice…now, hmm? To the loo…” I replied once drawing a bit of bood from the small wound.

“Very well then Sire…”

I turned around and he handed me my walking stick as we made our way into the bathroom to enjoy a moment of pleasure, something that I was relishing in since I was finally loosening the reins on my lover.

Once me made it inside, I turned on the water to as hot as we could stand. I always enjoyed the warmer tap since it felt better to old achy bones, for Justice only meant that it would not get cold too quickly.

To set a more romantic mood, I played some smooth jazz instead of the moody pop and rock that we usually listened to. This afternoon, I wanted to prove to my Justice that I wished for more than the dom sub relationship but more of a union almost like the marriage I had with my beloved, Tawyna.

Once I was satisfied with the temperature, I turned the knobs completely off. “Get undressed, love.”

Justice came behind me, rubbing my shoulders while I lay down my walking stick. “Why don’t we strip one another hmm? I think it will be much more enjoyable.” He planted a kiss on my cheek.

After hearing those words, I turned slowly, reaching for the long sleeve shirt with the tie around his neck, undoing it while he unbuttoned my pants. When he got them open, he slid them down from my waist, revealing an impressive hard on. While I stepped out my shoes, I began pulling on his slacks. Justice stroked my hardened muscle, slowly invoking my pre passion juice. “Ohh…Juss…”

“Uhuh…” he moaned as I pushed his trousers to his ankles. “Sire, you are…”

“Am I and always will be…”

Justice grinned before dropping to his knees, “I'm glad, Sire. Let me take care of this for you.” When he completed his sentence, he took my pants from my ankles as he licked around my shaft, tasting the pre passion juice on the head.

“Ohh Gooddd…” I held onto his shoulders while he gave me a blow that matched all the ones he had given previously but with more intensity. “Shhii…lover…”

“Mhmmm…” he groaned, looking up at me as he took off his shirt. “My Sire…”

“Uh huh…” I braced myself on him, gazing into his chocolate brown eyes. “Justice, let’s get in before it gets cold, hmm?”

“Yes, Sire…” Justice took one more lick on the head of my cock before rising up, kissing me on the lips. “Come my master…”

Again I grinned at him, taking his hand as he led me to the tub of water. Justice turned the hot back on, while I stepped in, easing into while he swirled the water around with his hands. “C’mon, Justice. Don’t keep me waiting love.”

After shutting off the valves, he placed one foot in the water before fully sitting in front of me, leaning back on my chest. Instead of grabbing the washcloth, I reached for the liquid soap, squeezing a little into my palm before caressing his soft flesh.

“Mhmm…Sire…” Justice rubbed his head onto the side of my face.

I started by lathering him up around his neck before working my way downward onto his bare chest, rubbing his nipples between my fingers, making them hard as pebbles. While one hand still toyed with those, the free one roamed to the space within his thighs. Once he sensed what I was aiming to do, he moved back until my thick flesh was settled at his puckered entry. As I continued with my affections, I poked him there till my shaft was enveloped by his tight hole.

“Ohh shh…Sire…” Justice started to move with me as we made waves. Our rhythm was perfect, I kissed the side of his face again, I made a path to his earlobe.

“Justice…” I hissed in his ear, nibbling on the soft spot while tangling my tongue inside the small hoop earring. With only the slightest movements, I felt my muscle expanding inside of him. “Lover…”

“Mhmm…” he held onto the sides of the tub, as I thrust upwards. “Sire, this is all I have wanted since we began.”

Not stopping, I listened to those words, smiling to myself as my cock began to spurt inside of him. “You are everything I desire, Justice. You are all I will ever need.” 

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