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Welcome BLMorticia

Greetings fans!

MM: Welcome to Michael’s where I’m happy to have today’s guest, my fellow muse, the Wicked Gal BLMorticia on the blog today. Hiya doin’ hun?

BL: sits down and tugs at leather mini Hi Michael, great to see you back in town. Did you have a good time at Gay Rom Lit?

MM: I did. Sharita and I had a blast. So, today on my first day back you are my guest, so I’ll treat you just as if we didn’t know one another. How long have you, BL been writing?

BL: Well, I’m the oldest muse, been with Sharita since she was about 19. On and off, the 2 of us have put together some extraordinary tales. The first was a story called Vampadonis which became Dream of Dalian on the NNP antho as well as a couple shorts like All in the Cards which appeared on Every night Erotica earlier this year.

MM: Fab! When you look back at that old writing do you laugh at it or cherish it?

BL: A little of both actually. With Vampadonis, I turned it into something new but some of the really old ones, yes, we do guffaw at how amateurish and so many mistakes. We’ve come a long way haven’t we?

MM: Yes we have. Tell me about the latest releases since I know you’ll be busier than the rest of us.

BL: Oh, crosses legs Very busy. The anthology, Once Upon a Twisted Tale from Rebel Ink with my story, The Prince and the Penis was released last weekend on Amazon. Also, A Wicked Wanton Hallows Eve from Naughty Nights Press will be out by 1030 that includes my story, Dream of Dalian. Next is my first Novella from Rebel Ink, My Lieutenant and from Naughty Nights Press, Something Fresh Served Hot from the Something New on the Menu series due out by end of November.

MM: Jesus! I didn’t realize it was that many. Of the 4 which one excites you the most?

BL: Well that’s unfair, I love all the stories. I suppose I’d be most excited about My Lieutenant since it’s my own as well as Something Fresh. I love writing the snarky M/M and I enjoy my characters.

MM: Who’s the fave character or rather, the one that is most like you?

BL: I’d have to say Nathan Ellerby from ML and Alex Seidling from Something Fresh. Their characters are very similar and smart asses just like me. *laughs*

MM: Ha! Yep, that would be true. What is BL working on now?

BL: Hmm, well the M/F called Desire to be in Control for Rebel, Taming Wild Horse which you gave to me, thanks, and the sequel to ML will be next in line. I also have edits for NNP to do.

MM: Yes, it appears you and Rawiya will be the most busy since all I really have is edits. Even though I’m doing Nano next month. Okay, I have to ask you one of the questions I ask my normal guests, what is the hardest part about being an author?

BL: The waiting on submissions. *laughs* Also, the fact idiots pirate our books.

MM: I’m in agreement there. Okay fast round, ready?

BL: Yep

MM: Boxers or Briefs for your characters?

BL: Neither, commando baby!

MM: A perfect date with BL and ______

BL: Model Ryan Paevey (Left) would be a walk on the beach with a candlelight dinner and some soft music, wine, and plenty of toys and condoms to enjoy the night.

MM: WOW! *laughs* I just knew you were going to say a rock star.

BL: Have you seen Ryan? Hunny, woman must not live on rock stars alone. That man is so sexy it hurts.

MM: LOL yes, he's my model for Closely Guarded so I'm a big fan too. Okay then give me an impromptu erotic scene in 5 sentences or less.

BL: Ryan sat on the bed, cutting a wicked glare in Morti’s direction. He reached for her, pulling her curvaceous body into him for a hot embrace, tangling tongues while cupping her moist sex in his palm. His fingers lingered there, dancing on her clit while the other pressed inside her sweet canal. “Damn, Morti, fuck, I want you!”

MM: *fans self* That’s pretty hot. Okay, lastly, one word to describe BL.

BL: Wicked, you said one but also snarky. Hows that?

MM: Works for me. Thank you BL. Much success and keep writing those sexy snarky stories.

BL: Thanks Michael for having me here today. Bye all!

BIO: BLMorticia considers herself the snarky and wicked side of author Sharita Lira so expect her to tap into the taboo and unleash her fantasies on the world through her words. When not writing, she does biweekly posts at fellow author Blak Rayne’s blog,, appears on Erotic Dairies bimonthly with fellow gal muse Rawiya, and does a feature with fellow Rebel Cassandre Dayne called the Wicked Women Wednesdays.
For more information, please visit, or and to ask any questions, email

Coming to Rebel Ink Press November 3rd

Blurb: Nathan Ellerby's apartment has been ransacked by his ex who didn't like the fact Nathan dumped him. Trouncing through the debris uttering a string of obscenities, Nathan's shocked to see Lieutenant Bryant Duncan at his door claiming he's already caught the offender. Sensing an instant connection, when Nathan finds out Bryant's divorced and he's straddling the fence between being gay or bisexual, Nathan finds himself in a quandary.
 Although the Lieutenant does everything in his power to prove to Nathan he's worthy, Nathan is afraid to lower his defenses which leaves both men wondering if Nathan will allow love into his life even through his doubts.

A very tall, dark, and handsome bald headed man was standing there with a pearly white smile.

“Hey, listen, I caught the guys that went through your things.” He smiled and nodded.

“Seriously?” I opened up the door slowly only to lock eyes with the most, gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on.


He  moistened his lips. “Hey, I’m new to the building. My name’s Bryant Duncan.” He put out his hand.

A black Irishman?

I accepted it. His hands were warm but kind of rough just the way I like them. That moment, his skin on top of mine sent heat to my groin. I took a whiff of his cologne. “Nice to meet you, Mr…”

“Call me Bryant, please,” he interrupted me. “Like I was sayin’, I saw the bastards going through your place. When they saw me, they tried to get away but, I called the cops once I got the building security to come up and help detain them.”

Holy shit, my hero…

“You didn’t have to.” I was completely impressed that he cared enough to put his life on the line.

We stood silent a minute.

“Ahem.” The cop came up behind me. “Okay sir, I need you to come down to the station and give a statement. If you could meet me downstairs.” Thiesmann adjusted his belt. “Mr. Duncan, nice work and um, Mr…”

“Ellerby, Nathan Ellerby.” I offered my hand.

The cop took my hand lightly. “Mr. Ellerby, don’t be too long okay?”

He walked back through the door and struggled to crawl under the tape. When I saw that I wanted to laugh but I had more important matters in front of me.

I gazed at him.

“I’m sorry, and you said your name was…” Bryant raised an eyebrow.

“Oh shit, erm.” I cleared my throat, noticing our hands were still locked together. “Nathan, Nathan Ellerby.”

We gripped each other’s palm tightly. “Good to meet you, Nathan.” He released my hand and my gaze then reached into his back pocket of his loose, fitting jeans.

I couldn’t help but follow his arms. They were so big, muscular. I could imagine them cradling me during the night.

“Here we go. My number just in case you need me for anything,” he grinned.

I took the piece of paper, still gawking at those lovely brown eyes. I tried to keep myself from drooling. “Man, I don’t know how to thank you.”

Bryant waved his hand, smiling. “No problem, man. I live right down the hall. I just happened to be on my way out to run some errands.”

Just in time for Halloween, some great fairy tales turned around to make one fun anthology.

BLMorticia's first story of many to be released under Rebel Ink Press, the Prince and the Penis, a take off of the Princess and the Pea from Hans Christian Anderson.

Author's Blurb: Prince Corey of Metaldom desires a third in his relationship with his King but his highness doesn't like it and makes the challenge hard for the potential partner.

Unedited Excerpt:
There once was a prince who wanted another man to fill his bed. He had to be a real prince like himself. Be willing to travel to far and distant lands and enjoy many a night with all kinds of drunken wenches male or female if they so desired.
This one had to be special, no ordinary fuck who wandered about with little goals and no expertise. He should also be skilled enough to play the instrument the band required.
Since the last man had run off to be married to a rich whore, they were in need of a drummer. Could he tap cymbals in tune with the likes of Nicholai and his horde of rocking knights? Prince Corey, the bass player, had just about grown tired of all the list of characters who’d come to audition for the position of prince and skin beater. Disgusted and distressed by all the losers, he was about ready to give up all hope.

CONTEST: We'll give this a week! Comment on this blog and I'll give away a copy of the antho, Once Upon A Twisted Tale to one lucky commenter!


Louisa Bacio said...

Love, love, love the title "The Prince & The Penis." OMG, with all these "muses" (ahem, voices in your head) no wonder you are so brilliant.

Wonderful to meet you and you and you and ... best of all with the release(s).

Rawiya said...

TY Louisa,

I'm glad you like the title and oh *blushes* thank you for the compliment and stopping by!