Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Sips - The Power of Muse and Inspiration

Good morning!

Here is a little from my next book, The Power of Muse and Inspiration.

The early morning before dawn continued with high wind gusts and light rain that flowed over London. Stories of the poor teacher who had his neck snapped and his body drained ruled the headlines of newscasts and papers with many expressing shock over his death.
“Who would do such a thing,” some of them said. People who knew him remarked about his intelligence, his work ethic, and how wonderful he was to everyone around him. No one would want him dead and even if they did, why? Who’d want to kill such a wonderful man?
In a flat not too far from William Chatterley’s was the building belonging to Andrew Gastley, the victim of the vampire Jude. The immortal prince had made his way there to destroy any evidence of Andrew’s contact with William.
Thank goodness they’d only talked for a day or so which meant he’d easily be able to follow the instincts from his victim and do as he needed to remove suspicion from his potential mate.
Clothed in a black suit he’d borrowed from his prey, he sat at the laptop, deleting the profile on that brought them together. He also deleted several emails showing responses as well as the picture Andrew had downloaded of the beautiful young man. Not before printing his own personal copy however that he’d be able to carry with him wherever he went to remind him of the man he desired more than anything; his lover to be, William Chatterley. Jude’s gift to his inspiration.
Once he completed his task, he took a sniff from William’s silk scarf he picked up in the park before throwing it over his shoulder. “Mhmm, William, I cannot wait until we are together my love. You shall be my prince, my eternal lover once all the fanfare dies down. I shall be there for you, my sweet.” Jude smiled to himself and got up from the chair to stand on the ledge of the window nearby. He jumped up and then hurled himself off till he noticed the nearest building.
Now that the deed of getting rid of the traces on Andrew’s computer had been done he somehow had to do the same on William’s but not before he’d go flat hunting since he was once again ready to take his place amongst the commoners in twenty first century Britain. Time to find a home so he could bring his lover to and store his few belongings as well as rest his head but only after he’d go back to the cemetery to sleep until the dark befell the city once more.
Hopefully he’d find an agent who worked after dusk so he could search for the perfect lair to spend the rest of eternity in with his new partner.
Quicker than he’d imagined, the night came again and he stepped out of the crypt, smoothing the wrinkles on the suit he’d taken from Andrew. “Ah, might be time for a feeding,” he mused while making his way from the burial grounds, hopefully for the final time.
Instead of coming back there he thought why not check into a hotel, a nice quaint one near Trafalgar. From there, he could make calls to find someone to assist in his search as well as sleep comfortably since the crypt stay had already become menacing. A temporary home was what he needed most to prepare him for the initial visit to see his new lover.
While he strolled the streets, he ignored the hunger pangs that rose in his stomach. He clutched his belly, trying his best not to glance at the souls walking past him, lost in their own thoughts and reverie.
He’d been travelling for a while until he came upon a flat in the West End of Fitzrovia with a “to let” sign. The building appeared to be quite cosy, like it had been recently renovated. The old feel appealed to Jude since he was however nearly three hundred years old. He decided, he’d go in and have a look. 

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