Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celebrate the Little Things - Sharita Lira

Good morning. Almost afternoon here but I've been squeeing part of it due to Rawiya's new release and well... goofing off a little.

The certificate you see above is one of the reasons I love writing. Not for the accolades, really but the little things that come from your readers and or publisher(s). 


I received this in the mail yesterday, the day before, my author print copy of My Sexy Valentine, days before, my note from my other pub, Rebel Ink that I was in the top 10 in sales for 2011. Mind you, I only had one book from Rebel and I was part of an anthology.

Last week, a couple of heartwarming notes from readers, a review for Vertigo on Goodreads, and a few nice words from peers every other day.

This, my friends, is the other reason I keep writing. Other than the fact that I love to write, creating scenes for my characters regardless if they're the tension filled scenes from BL, the sensual from Rawiya, or the literary style from Michael, I truly enjoy being an author.

Am I making the Amanda Hocking bucks? Hells no, not even a fraction. Maybe 1 millionth, *laughs* but I'm really not complaining. 

Sure, I'd like to make more sales and I know that will happen as I improve as a writer and continue to get my name out there but I cannot let it be my prime focus. Sure, I believe all authors want more sales but it does depend on the market, what readers are looking for, and so forth. 

What's the trends? Seemingly the really dirty or the really sweet. I can write a little of both to an extent. Is this important? Yeah, but I can't let the trend dictate what I love to do. 

What I can focus on is creating the best stories I possibly can. I'm learning from author writers, I've been taking classes, and I have a helluva beta in fab author Julie Lynn Hayes
Why I never asked her to beta for me sooner, IDK. Still, better a little late than never and I can fully appreciate an author who's as good as her to help me.

So again, I say what's the best thing about being an author? Being able to create for an audience and be recognized by readers, publishers, and or peers. Writing is a lonely business. To give kind words and or encouragement can go a long way!

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G said...

Congrats Sharita!! Keep on writing, we lov ya. Gina