Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Sips - Under the Gun

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Today I'm givig another taste of my next book due to release in March. Under the Gun from No Boundaries Press.

No cover yet but I've substituted this lovely pic of one of my fave models, Lee Kholafai who I'm sure might find his way into an episode since this has become a series.

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Here now is the sip!

When Malik arrived, he noticed Camdyn leaning against his car, his arms folded. His breath hitched, and he couldn’t take his eyes off the protruding muscles underneath his tight shirt.
Damn, baby.
The place hadn’t changed at all since the last time Malik had visited. The same brick walls and tall tables with stools. Television in the back corners as well as the make out booths with dimmer lights in the rear. He recalled many a night he’d come here and met his partners for the evening. Maybe Camdyn would give him a chance.
Once they slapped hands with some familiar faces, they made their way to the back of the establishment. They both decided on boilermakers to calm themselves down. Malik was especially tense, his last dating experience fresh on his mind. Maybe he knew he was over thinking the situation, but he really wanted to make a good impression on Camdyn. He hoped hearing about his being discharged hadn’t scared him off. Unfortunately, some people actually took issue with the fact he didn’t finish his tour of duty.
Camdyn pulled out the chair for Malik and the taller man accepted it. “Thanks.”
“No problem. And relax.” He patted him on the shoulders. “I’m not grillin’ ya. Only tryin’ to get to know you better.”
Malik jumped when he felt the man’s touch. He tried hard to do as Camdyn had suggested, but his nerves made him perspire. He rubbed his hand over his smooth head. “I know, I know, I… man,” he laughed, “It’s just been forever since…”
“Since you talked with another man like this? I get that. How long did you serve?”
Malik nodded and squirmed a little in his chair. “I… um…They discharged me a little early…under DADT so…only three years.”
“Really?” Camdyn swallowed his drink faster. “That sucks man. Who outed you?”
“I kinda did it myself. I defended another soldier. He was gettin’ his butt beat, and the two fucks needed to be taught a lesson. The Drill Sergeant knew my status too, so he just took advantage of the opportunity to get rid of my ass.” Just thinking back on the situation made Malik hot under the collar. He threw the Jim Beam down his throat and moistened his lips. The drink burned going down, but it wasn’t as hot as the blood that ran through his veins.
“Damn, that really blows, soldier. Well, think of it like this. Now you don’t have to hide who you really are and maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to get back in once it goes into full repeal.”
Malik sighed and took a swallow of his beer. “Yeah, maybe, but in all reality, I’m not feelin’ all that patriotic since this happened. Plus, I’m thinkin’ it will be even harder to coexist with straights once they do let us openly serve. It might do more harm than good, but that’s just my opinion.” Malik felt a little better knowing Camdyn wasn’t deterred about his discharge. He turned up the bottle again. “Hey,” he patted Camdyn’s back. “Enough about me, let’s talk about you. What’s your story?”
Camdyn flashed a cocky grin. “Not as exciting as yours Malik. I’m a private investigator in San Francisco. Got my own business too.”
“Yeah?” Malik’s ears perked. Was Camdyn looking for someone to join him? A partner? Naw, he probably had a full staff already. Would it be too pretentious of Malik to ask? He didn’t want to sound desperate.
Camdyn seemed like he wouldn’t mind, but he didn’t want to take any chances. Besides, they’d just met one another. What would he look like asking this man who he’d only known for about an hour if he could be interviewed for employment?

Hope you enjoyed. Here is Rawiyas  Sip

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