Friday, February 17, 2012

What's to Come for Michael

Good morning!

Whew since taking a part time job I've barely been able to write but I thought since I'm getting up a little early this morn, I'd update you on Michael's upcoming projects.

The left cover is Michael's first print, True Meaning Two which I'm still editing for a Spring release from XOXO Publishing. My lovely beta, fellow writer Julie Lynn Hayes took the time to go through it and several other of my stories with me. This one, she worked the hardest on and I'm also taking my time to turn it in since I'd like it to be the best it can be. 

In March, No Boundaries Press will be releasing Under the Gun. The story is the prequel to the series of Hardy and Day which will be several subsequent books with cases the two will solve while still growing as a couple. At the moment, 5 books are on the docket.

On the WIP front, as you can see, Closely Guarded is waiting to be done. Also for Michael, revisions and edits on The Professor, Lessons in Ink, Captain of his Heart, as well as sequels, Vertigo 2, A Second Chance, and the full version of Binding Justice. 

These are all in the works but I must admit, the other two muses have more planned so Michael will be stepping back a little to allow them the space. 

Look for snippets of these to come and in the meantime, make sure you keep up with all of the latest here and on the FB Triad Page

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