Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Mornin' Read


I love this picture! Two alpha males in love or maybe they aren't and they're having an encounter? 

Ex lovers perhaps or maybe one was caught with the other's man?

The possibilities are endless.

* * * *

We'd traveled across the globe together with chips on our shoulder, every night responding with one word answers and grunts. How are two men who grew up hating one another supposed to act when they're thrown together on the same mission? 

"I'm Khan's favorite!" I'd bark at him when we first met in training school over 10 years ago.

"No I am, you bastard! You can't beat me anyway!" Bridges grabbed my shoulder and threw me to the ground. In a hurry I got up and drove him to the dirt, using all the strength I had to punch him in his stomach, chest, his arms.

"You hit like a girl, Dai," he'd ridicule me and laugh heartily knowing how much bigger he was than me. At 15 he was already 5"9 and still growing while I was 3 inches shorter and still wiry like a board but Bridges was solid muscle and to add insult to injury, he'd already achieved many of the awards I wanted as a youngster.

Fast forward to now and I've caught up with him. I shot up to 6"3, worked hard in the gym, lifting weights, entering competitions, and out scored him at every turn. I'm taller, stronger, and damnit I'm better. 

Of course he'd hate my guts and the feeling is mutual but something inside me burns and has been for quite a while. A different emotion I hadn't explored. 

Why did I want this man? Yeah I'd had my share of men and women in my bed and for whatever reason, only visions of him would make my cock stand proudly and ache for more. 

Was it the hatred that fueled my curiosity, my lust for the man I'd always tried to best? Who knew! Damn Khan! He'd always said the one I'd fall in love with would be one I'd least expected. I had no idea he'd be talking about Bridges. Or was it that I wanted my all time enemy to be my lover?

*** Oh another plot bunny swarming in the brain!

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