Sunday, November 18, 2012

70k Party Schedule for Tabooindeed!

Alright then! The party schedule has been set!

Call everyone you know so you can tell them about these great posts by fellow authors and friends who've been gracious enough to do a post and giveaway!

Here they are:

Monday 11/19 BLMorticia
Tuesday 11/20 Rawiya
Wednesday 11/21 Michael Mandrake
Thursday 11/22 Holiday - NO POST
Friday 11/23 GA Hauser at 12am - Angel Martinez at 12pm
Saturday 11/24 Sue Brown 12am Sara York 12pm
Sunday 11/25 Cassandre Dayne 12am Avril Ashton 12pm
Monday 11/26 Patricia Logan 12 am Tom Webb 12 pm 
Tuesday 11/27 Julie Lynn Hayes 12 am Tara Lain 12 pm
Wednesday 11/28 Blak Rayne 12am MA Church 12 pm
Thursday 11/29 Kharisma Rhayne 12 am Shannon West 12pm
Friday 11/30 Michael closes out. Winners can be picked on this day.

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