Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bound for Romance - Binding Justice

Morning readers. I'll be bringing these characters back for the Wednesday Briefs. Not sure for how long but a couple of the prompts jumped out at me for their story. 

Who are they? Sire and Justice from the story Binding Justice in the Bound for Romance anthology. This awesome collection was released in July 2011 from Sizzler Editions under editor Sascha Illyvich. Four stories about BDSM, romance, and erotica all rolled up into one.

My story, Binding Justice is a May/December romance about an older hobbled man, Sire Jacobs, who lost his wife to cancer and wants someone to assist him. When visited by an old friend, Sire is reminded about his desires to be with another man and is asked to explore the fantasies with a young man who'd liven up his sex life and help him as he wants. What he doesn't expect is falling completely in love with Jarvis Densley, renamed Justice and instead of the man just being a partner and assistant, he's become an obsession. 

Here is a snippet from the only m/m romance story in the collection. 

With the help of his cane, Sire got up from his recliner. He pushed the button on the remote before walking to his bedroom where he looked at the empty bed. He hadn't been able to sleep comfortably in the room since Tawyna died because he missed her warm body. It was the room she took her last breath. The disease was so far along the doctors told her it was best to rest at home and allow nature to take its course.
It had been three weeks. Sire felt like it had been much longer. He missed her so much; the feel of her skin, her long black hair. She was beautiful all the way up to the day she died, even with the horrible menace eating away at her.
"I'll be in heaven watching over you, Sire…" she'd say when they took one of their last walks together. Sire smiled to himself when thinking of her delicate grin.
I can't do this.
Sire went a door down to the guest room where he'd been sleeping since that dreadful day. He couldn't bring himself to be in their bedroom, especially since he hadn't gone through her belongings. He couldn't bear to touch anything. He left it as if she were still living.
After undressing, Sire limped over to the half made bed, sitting lightly on the mattress before lying back on the pillow. Once he set his clock for seven, he turned in the direction of the window.
A small tear fell from his eyes when thinking of his companion for the last twenty years. He missed Tawnya Churchton Jacobs more and more everyday and he knew he'd never find another person to replace her. Trying to deal with the fact he may be alone depressed him.
Who wants this old man anyway?

"No one."

Check out the Wednesday briefs tomorrow for a brand new short involving these characters as well as other magnificent authors writing free fiction for you to enjoy

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