Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Briefs #42 - New Story from Binding Justice


I'm excited to start a new story for existing characters, Sire Jacobs and Justice Densley from Binding Justice. 

To give you a little background on them, here is the synopsis:

Sire Jacobs, a transplanted British man, retired officer from the army has recently been widowed when he loses his wife Tawyna to cancer. At age fifty, he’s now in search of someone to help him since he is hobbled by an old war injury to his leg that pains him to walk. Not to mention, he would like to have some sort of companion, not for love but more for sex as well as assistance.

Three weeks after his wife’s death, he’s visited by his good friend Gabriel, a gay entrepreneur who comes to Chicago primarily for his new club opening but also to support Sire through this difficult time. While there, he tells Sire that he should explore his “gay side” that has laid dormant for years because of his marriage as well as his status in the military. Sire somewhat agrees but is hesitant about becoming involved with someone new so soon.

Jarvis Densley, a twenty three year old retail worker from the north side of Chicago is lonely and desires someone new in his life. He lives with an older man, Abe, who’s the cousin of his friend Paulo. Abe was nice enough to take Jarvis in when his parents threw him out the house after admitting he was gay. Jarvis is a lanky young man who Abe and Paulo urge to start caring more about his appearance since he wants to be in a committed relationship.

After help from Abe with clothing and his overall look, Jarvis attends club Dare with Abe and his cousin, which is the place Gabe is opening. Upon sight of the young man, Gabe brings Jarvis into the club to meet Sire who is sitting at the bar. Their connection is obvious that first night, both would like more.

Sire, however, would like to try something new. Other than being sexually interested in a man, he also desires to be a D/s relationship where his companion would serve him and allow him control, bound by the elder Jacobs, who has always been aroused by power trips. He would like Jarvis to be this man, the one that allows him to have domination. Sire Jacob’s feels this sort of commitment would be best, not only to fulfill his desires but also halt anyone taking the place of his deceased wife. 

* * * *

Here is my flash using You Need Coffee

“Oh fuck, any minute now!” Justice quickly scampered across the kitchen, looking for the Sire’s favorite coffee cup. “Where is that fuckin’ mug?” He’d washed every dish and misplaced his master’s beloved black mug reading, “I am the Dom” somewhere in the house and if he didn’t find it, Sire would be especially upset with Justice. And really, although he enjoyed when his Sire made him wait to come or on sex, he didn’t want to be punished more than once and not first thing in the morning. Not when he had so many chores and duties to take care of throughout the day. Loving torture was nice but only in the evening after Justice had time to be too tired. Not first thing, not along with the breakfast.


“Justice? Is my meal prepared?” The loud British voice boomed from upstairs, coupled with the sounds of heavy boots making their way down the steps. Even with the surgery on his crippled leg, he still wasn’t walking any softer. Didn’t matter though, Justice thought his man did it just to make his presence known. And actually he kind of liked it. It meant authority to him. 

“Yes Sire.” Justice dashed to the stove and dropped the plate on the table, waving his fingers when he did. He’d touched it while it was still hot, without a mitt just to get it there before Sire took the last step. Sire hated for his food to be microwaved.

Radiation isn’t good for you. I don’t believe in eating anything heated in the microwave.

Despite the old man's thoughts the microwave was Justice’ best friend when Sire wasn’t around. It warmed his food to perfection and Sire couldn’t tell if it had been nuked. Yes, Justice was a great cook and he knew exactly how to get his lover’s meals just right and he took advantage when he needed. Just to avoid the punishment even though the discipline was always done with love.

“Justice? Is it just the way I like it?” Sire shoved the kitchen door so hard, it banged against the side counter.

Justice stood at attention as his Sire liked. He loved running the household as he did when he ruled the military during Desert Storm.  He winced, pulling his sore fingers up to the side of his head. “It is, Sire.” Sire like his name instead of Sir like other dom’s did. It was just one thing Justice appreciated about his Sire. He’d taken him in and given him a new life, name, all the love he could handle and the discipline he craved. Sire was his everything and now, he looked forward to many more days being his partner and caregiver.

“Good then.” Sire hobbled to the table and plopped in the chair, nearly toppling the table when he did so. He hung the end of his cane on the opposite seat while gazing at his breakfast. “Hmm, somethin’s missing, Justice. This is not exactly as I wanted.”

Justice cocked an eyebrow. “You said lightly toasted bread, one egg, not running with two strips of bacon, a sausage link and a slice of cantaloupe on the side.”

“Mhmm, but where’s my drink, love?” Sire picked up his fork and inspected the silverware to make sure it was spotless. He always asked for them to be so clean that he could see his reflection.

“Um…” Justice nibbled on his bottom lip, wondering what he'd tell his lover about the suddenly absent coffee cup. “Sire, I can’t find your mug and since you only like that cup…”

Sire separated his one egg on the plate and lifted the piece of toast to check the top for color. “Yes but, I need something to drink, Justice. I must have my morning java.”

“Yes Sire, you need coffee but is it fine that it isn’t in the black dom mug?” Justice clicked his heels and sprinted to the maker to turn it off. He opened the cabinet, waiting for his master’s response. Justice hoped he wasn’t too disappointed about the missing coffee mug.

“Ah Justice…” Sire laughed to himself, carving another piece of the egg. “My love, you are exactly the man I’ve wanted you to be. You go out of your way to please me and I love that about you, my sweet.” Sire dropped his silverware and reached into his pocket. Still grinning, he pulled the black mug out and slapped it on the table. “You are just what the doc ordered, my love. A man willing to go to the limits to please his master; make him happy in bed and out. You have earned the next notch on the sub meter, my love.”

Justice smiled to himself, happy that Sire appreciated his efforts to please him no matter what. And though he was a little annoyed by Sire’s trick, he was glad Sire noticed how far he went out of his way regardless of the circumstances.

Yes Justice was more than happy to be with Sire despite what Abe, Paulo, or anyone who called themselves close to him said. He was happily in love with the only man that made him feel worthy and complete. 

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed. We shall see what they have in store for next week. 

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