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Wednesday Briefs #43 Sire and Justice

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I';m participating in the Wednesday Briefs once again, playing with Sire and Justice

And I love the way the story is developing into a more complete tale.

Today we're using this prompt

Justice grabbed the mug from the table and fixed Sire’s coffee as he liked; black with 3 cubes of sugar. He released a breath, happy that the mug hadn’t really been displaced. Not only that, he’d made his Sire happy which meant he’d be close to what he really wanted; complete acceptance, total love, and a collar. The ultimate gift for any sub was to be collared by their dom. Justice wanted this most of all and he hoped his efforts to be the perfect sub wouldn’t go unnoticed.

“Here you are, Sire.” Justice placed the mug on the side of his plate. “Just as you like. Is there anything else?” Justice waited for Sire to tell him to sit. He’d been up most of the morning making sure everything was spic and span, exactly to his liking.

Sire looked up at him and waved out his hand towards the chair opposite him. “No luv, please…relax. I know you’ve been working very hard and besides, I have something to give you.”

Justice smiled wide and pulled out the chair, settling in. His feet ached from running around looking for the mug and cleaning all morning. He closed his eyes when his butt hit the chair and waited with anticipation to see what Sire was going to give him. Could it be a collar? A ring? No, Sire isn’t the type to marry me again is he? Well damn, gay marriage did become legal here in Illinois. Justice would be overly happy if Sire did make that commitment to him but with a collar…yes that would be better than a ring. “Oh Sire…you… I’m sorry, can I speak?”

Sire reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box. “Of course, luv. You’re relaxing now that means you relax as a sub too. As long as you don’t get out of line then there is no problem.” Sire reached across the table and grabbed onto Justice hand. He lightly dragged his nails along Justice’ skin and toyed with his fingers. “Sometimes you take this submissive role to the hilt. I mean, I know we like to play that way but… some of it gets a little much, right? The last munch we went to was, well more than enough. I’m happy to have you as my sub but some of the D/s relationship goes too far.”

Justice sucked in a breath, loving the way Sire touched him. So gentle, so erotic. His cock hardened in his jeans just thinking of what Sire would do to him after he finished breakfast. Justice was so lost in what Sire was doing, he totally missed what Sire was trying to say. “Forgive me Sire, I missed what you said. I was caught up in the moment. You’re making me horny.”

Sire flashed a wicked smile and wiped his mouth with his napkin without letting go. When he finished, he took both of Justice’ palms and gently kissed his knuckles. “My love, I am your Sire, your dom, but more importantly, I am your lover. It is true, I do expect to be cared for a certain kind of way but a lot of what they preach at the munches we attended from time to time is a little too much for me. By no means am I saying it’s wrong because I know it is a way that some people express their love for the person they adore. It is not my way though, Justice. We play the game, yes, I like some things; the restraints, the hot wax, keeping you from cumming, I love all of that. However, I have no wishes to go any further, just as we chatted about in the beginning.”

“Yes Sire. There are things I’m not into as well. I mostly crave the discipline.” Justice straightened his shoulders, trying to stay attentive to what Sire was saying despite his touches.

“And I have no problem giving it to you.” Sire’s blue eyes met Justice’ gaze. He planted soft kisses on Justice’ fingertip and followed those with licks. “You are my lover, first and foremost, Justice and because you are exactly what I’ve asked for, I wanted you to have this.” Sire let go and reached for the box, placing it in front of Justice. “You have earned this, my love. However, this is only the beginning.”

Justice nodded and his eyes dropped to the black, velvet box. It looked about the right size for the collar but they’d only been seeing one another for a year. He thought it was a little too soon to receive that ultimate gift.

“Justice?” Sire cocked an eyebrow. “Lover, please open it. I told you to relax.”

Justice’ heart thudded against his ribs. His mouth tasted like sandpaper. Oh what is it? I can’t be disappointed if he doesn’t collar me? He loves me, I know he does but… like he just said, it is just the beginning. It’s something before the collaring. Justice gulped hard and gripped the box firmly in hand. He ran his finger across the top, loving the feel of velvet against his flesh. A part of him didn’t want to open it just so he wouldn’t get overly upset if it wasn’t what he craved. Bracing himself, he cleared his throat and pulled it open. “Oh… Sire, it’s lovely.” No it wasn’t the collar but instead a beautiful silver bracelet with charms of everything he loved; books, motorbikes, music, along with a heart and key. “Sire, you…you shouldn’t have.” Justice picked it up, holding it in front of his face. “What is the key and heart for my Sire?”

“Well my love, only you have the key to my heart.” Sire took the bracelet and unhooked it. “I didn’t think anyone would ever have my heart after my dearest Tawnya passed away but I was clearly mistaken.” He closed the clasp and kissed Justice’ wrist before making a trail up his arm. “I love you, Justice more than anything.” Sire yanked him into his lap, urging him to sit.

Justice did that and reciprocated the kiss. He thrust his tongue into Sire’s mouth, fighting for prominence. “I love you too, my Sire.” Justice groaned into his embrace. And I will never, ever love another.”

* * * *

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