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Wanting - An FFM Novella by BLMorticia Part 2

Part 1

Here is part 2. Warning: Strong Sexual Language ahead! Rated R

“Um, nothing much… oh but I do have a poem I’m sending in to Strong Woman’s Prose for a contest. That bitch Delilah was giving me grief in class too.”
“You want me to step in and cancel her library card for you? That’ll be the start. Just because I look like a librarian, doesn’t mean I fight like one.” Chandra drew up her lips and eyed her friend, waiting for an answer.
Samantha giggled and blushed, pushing the long brown curls from her gorgeous blue eyes.
Fuck me please.
Chandra turned her head so her friend wouldn’t notice how uncomfortable she made her feel.
“Oh yeah, I’m listening, Sam. Just uh… thinking about some things I need to do once I leave here today.”
Get more batteries; check the responses on my ad seeking a voluptuous vixen needing training.
Chandra’s thoughts raced in her brain. How would she combat the feelings of desire for this seemingly straight friend of hers, Samantha Daniels?
She has a hot man, real hot. She’s not into you like that.
A part of her balked at that realization because she’d caught Sam staring at her more than once.
“Like what?” Sam closed her book and turned around to face Chandra.
“Um, things like…”
Form words dumbass!
Chandra sought her brain for what she had to do other than pleasure herself in the bath and look through more responses of lonely bisexual women who didn’t hold her interest. A part of her wished to fuck without any kind of emotion, but lately she didn’t want any one-nighters or even two rounds with people she could give a fuck about.
Chandra wanted more. She liked Samantha, no actually, she lusted her. Who knew, but it was more than anything she could say for any others who’d graced her satin sheets over the past few months.
That naughty librarian schtick got her plenty of quality ass, male and female, but nothing with substance, nothing intriguing.
Not Samantha Daniels.
Not even close.
“Doing laundry, cleaning my attic, taking my cat to the vet. You know things you don’t like doing on your days off so you attempt to get them off of your to-do list.” Chandra pushed the chair back so she could put some distance between her and her desired.
“Totally!” Samantha smiled and leaned on her hands. “Chandra, what’s wrong? I need your help on a few things if you don’t mind.”
“Um, yeah… I… well sh… I mean, dang Samantha. I know how you like me to sit here and hold your hand, but I do have work to do. Several teachers need books you know. I’ll over here if you need me.” Chandra spun on her heel and sat down behind her mahogany desk. She needed to get as far away from her straight friend as possible no matter what kind of signals she threw Chandra’s way.
“Okay, Chandra. I’ll just sit here and finish this poem while you search for the books.” Samantha opened back up her book, appearing as if she was bored or sulking.
Chandra didn’t want to turn Sam down, but it was for the best.
She wished she could entertain her in more ways than one.
Too bad there was a man in Samantha’s life holding most of her interest.
If she’d ever give her the go ahead, Chandra wouldn’t need to place anymore ads on
* * * *
“Ugh, oh fuck, Ni…” Samantha clutched the sheets tightly under her nails and gnashed her teeth together. She writhed atop the sheets, panting, waiting for the dam between her thighs to burst.
After spending practically the whole afternoon with Chandra, she practically rushed home to be with her man. She’d been holding this in all day and of course, her lover, Nick, took the pleasure of bringing it out of her.
“Mhm, yeah Sam.” Nick playfully smacked her hips and hovered over her, sliding his thick cock in and out of her ass. “Oh fuck!” Nick threw his head back and inhaled deeply while he plunged into her repeatedly.
Sam watched his chest rise and fall while he continued to pierce the sweet spot between her legs. She whimpered, her legs numbing with every movement of his dick slamming into her.
“Fuck!” Sam met Nick’s motions in the same rhythm. Her breath hitched in her chest and she sped up the pace to egg Nick on to go faster.
With Nick’s cock driving her to a near dazed like state, she should’ve been fully drawn into this moment, right? Not thinking about anyone but…
Chandra, yep, Chandra ruled her thoughts even now when Nick had her legs curled around his neck, impaling her like the head of a nail being hit with a hammer. She hadn’t stopped thinking about the hot librarian since she’d left school. For whatever reason, today’s thoughts were more intense than other days she’d spent with Chandra and that stopped Sam from completely immersing herself in Nick.
Why couldn’t she do this? Why couldn’t she just forget about this longing and move on with her life?
Perhaps it was the realization that her friend was more than just that.
She was the one Sam wanted and needed to complete this union.
She had to have her
No if’s, and’s or buts.
Chandra Wills was the one.
“Oh, babe. I’m so close.” When Nick shook his head his perspiration dripped on her bosom and stomach. Sam loved that her man sweated on her. She found it very sexy. Erotic. Seemingly to give himself balance, he planted each arm on either side of her head. His taut muscles flexing with each move, Sam wished there was a mirror above the bed to see his hot torso moving like a well-oiled machine.
She was lucky to have him, no make that blessed.
No doubt, the man was gorgeous.
Amazingly beautiful.
No wonder just about every woman wanted him.
Sam needed a release to shake these yearnings. She’d have to push Nick further if her needs were to be met. “Nick, ugh, harder.” She whined, wishing for him pound her and make her forget at least temporarily. Chandra wasn’t here and she needed to focus on the man who made her toes girl and her heart skip a beat. She pulled his head down to hers, dragging her tongue over his lips before darting it in and out of his mouth at the same speed that he fucked her.  Sam groaned into his embrace when he sucked on her tongue and returned the favor immediately.
No question, she loved Nick, more than anyone she’d ever dated.
Still, she couldn’t help her desire for Chandra. Freaking Chandra, the sexy librarian.
She might not have held her heart just yet, but that could be changed in a matter of moments.
“Yeah, you want this dick!” Nick sped up the pace, leaning into Sam and covering her lips with another deep intense kiss. Their tongues tangled for what seemed to be forever and Sam lost all train of thought during their embrace.
Preparing to orgasm, Sam tugged at the sheet with one hand while the other clawed Nick’s back, leaving red marks of passion. She repeatedly sucked on his tongue as if it was his dick in her mouth. If only Sam could let go of her inhibitions to taste the man’s cum on her lips, just once. He’d wanted it happen for months, but she was determined to get what she wanted out of the deal first.
“Oh fuck, Sam, I’m gonna come!” Nick rose up slightly, arching his body over her. The sheen of sweat covered Nick’s chest, giving him a sexy glow Sam couldn’t help but be drawn to. As much as she loved women, men as hot as Nick were just as appealing to her.
“Damn babe, I wish I could feel your pussy around me. I gotta feel skin!”
Sam moaned and shook uncontrollably, removing her hand from the bed and reaching between them to finger her clit. Slippery and firm to touch, her little nub seemed to be excited by the extra attention.
To achieve the ultimate orgasm, Sam allowed the thoughts of Chandra to take over, imaging her favorite woman was in bed with them to enjoy this hot moment.
In her mind, Chandra’s beautiful asshole was in her face, tight and pink, aching to be rimmed.  She darted her tongue inside of Chandra’s pucker, tasting her spicy flesh while Chandra toyed with Sam’s sopping wet pussy using her fingers and tongue to send her over the edge.
“Oh Nick, God, I’m… shit!” That visual worked. It pushed her to the edge, leading her to the spot she wanted to be in. Sam closed her eyes and tightened the hold on her man’s dick. She moved along with Nick, pushing, grabbing his shoulder until she reached that apex of pleasure. “Shit! Oh God… C… coming Nick!”
Sam stopped fingering and her eyes flickered open at what she’d almost blurted out.
Yep, she’d almost said the woman’s name while Nick was fucking her. There was no problem with how he done it, but Sam desired Chandra to take part.
I have one of the hottest and sexiest men for a boyfriend, and I’m thinking of another chick?
She cursed herself while she came down from her sexual high.
Sam was losing her fucking mind.
“Shh, damn… babe.” Nick caressed her head and enveloped her lips with his own, thrusting his tongue in between. “That was amazing. It gets better all the time but…”
Trying not to think about it further, she cradled Nick’s head closer to her bosom. She kissed his head and stared at the cracks in the ceiling, wondering how she’d share her desire with her man.
I should be fucking flogged.
“Yeah I know…” Samantha didn’t want to hear about going bare.
Not until she could have her last hurrah.

Not until Chandra was in her bed even if for only one time. 

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