Friday, December 19, 2014

Wanting An FFM Short by BLMorticia Part 3

After properly disposing the latex and cleaning them both, Nick settled back into bed with Samantha. Only slightly tired, he laid his head on Samantha’s chest, tracing the curve around her ample breast. Wanting more, he dragged his finger back up until he reached her nipple and circled the taut flesh with the tip. He’d always been a breast man, but Sam had more than just gorgeous tits.  Her flawless milky white skin, light blue eyes, and long reddish brown tresses were an added plus. And her body was so supple, voluptuous.  Nick never liked rail thin women, he preferred a woman with more to grab on to.
“MMph…” She squirmed under his touch and tugged on his hair.
“Feels good, babe?” Nick attempted to illicit more from her, hoping she’d give in to his desires and forego the condom. He’d never wished it so much as he did with Sam. She was everything he’d asked for and more. He only wanted to make their union complete. “Sam?”
“Hmm? Oh, oh yeah,” she pulled his hand up to her mouth, slurping it in between her lips. “Are you trying to get things going again?”
Nick sucked in a breath, feeling his dick throbbing and aching to be wrapped in her heat. “Is it working?”
“Yes.” Sam pulled his arm higher, seemingly giving him the message to meet her at eye level. “I’m exhausted after that last one though. Don’t you need more time to warm up?”
Nick kissed her lips once and then again, staring into her blue pools. With every kiss, touch, and love making session, Nick could feel himself falling more in love with Sam. “Maybe a little, but, you can get this going again real easy.”
Sam flashed him a wry grin and ran her hand over his lip. “I know I could but…”
“But?” Nick cocked an eyebrow and returned the gesture of vigorously sucking her finger.
“I… I know you want to go that extra step.” Sam’s smile turned tentative. She pursed her lips together.
“Yeah, I do, babe. Why can’t we do this, full throttle, huh? I told you, I’m with you for the long haul. I have no doubt this is where I want to be. With you, Sam. Only you.” Nick cradled her hand against his cheek.
“I… I know but…” Sam sat up in bed and dropped her head, seemingly in shame. “There’s more to this than just being with you, Nick. I do appreciate you saying you want me…”
Nick frowned at that response and sat up too. “I do, so what’s the problem?” He turned his head to watch her expressions. She looked like she had something to share.
“I… I want more than just you; Nick and I don’t wanna cross that line until…”
Nick rubbed the back of his neck and exhaled. “What do you mean you want more? You mean, someone else?”
“I do…”
Nick grimaced and moved away. “Another guy?”
Sam exhaled. “No, I want another woman.”
Thank God!
At least she said another lady meaning there wouldn’t be any requests for him to kiss or fool around with a guy. Though Nick had no issues with gay men, nothing about dick and hairy balls titillated him.
Still, he couldn’t believe Sam wanted someone else in bed with them. Immediately, his mind made up all kinds of scenarios that might be pleasing, but he couldn’t help to be confused. “I mean, damn, Sam, I’m not good enough?”
“You are, but…”
“Obviously not if you want another woman in bed with us.”  Nick looked away and drew up his lips into a snarl. What didn’t he do to keep his woman satisfied? The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.
“You are but, I’m… well, a little greedy. And besides, I thought you’d like the challenge of being with two females.”
Nick heard the smile in her voice. The envy inside of him calmed looking at her sweet face. No way could he stay angry at this woman. She had him hook, line, and sinker. “I do… I…Okay, so you’re a greedy one. Nothing wrong with that, but what did you expect me to say?” Nick brought her in for a quick kiss and peered into her baby blues once again.
“I expected you to say hells yeah, or something like that,” Sam joked. “And yes I am greedy. Look, I don’t want you to think you aren’t good enough, it’s just that, well, I been bi curious for a while. I’ve never been so overly attracted to a woman that it made me want to go after her.”
“Okay.” Though intrigued, Nick couldn’t completely stop the jealousy in his heart. “So now… you have someone in mind?”
“I do. She’s a good friend of mine… in fact you’ve met her recently.”
“Carrie?” Nick immediately thought of her best friend. Carrie wasn’t bad but he didn’t see anything there that would hold his interest.
Samantha shook her head. “Nope. She’s uh, not a student. She’s the lady you met last week. Chandra?”
Nick’s eyes bulged and moistened his lips. Nick really enjoyed meeting Chandra and he was really ashamed to say, he looked at her a little longer than he should have.
She was dangerously sexy, shy, kind of like Samantha.
Of course his girl would want the sexy librarian.
Except for her being black, they were one in the same.
Holy hell.
Nick looked at his lady, smiling while he gripped her chin. Though he was envious that another woman tore his woman’s attention away from him, Nick could see himself in bed with Sam and Chandra. A lot of his friends had talked about her during lunch or after classes.
No matter how much they tried, Chandra didn’t seem interested.
Maybe she wasn’t into guys?
Nick’s grin widened, thinking about that realization. Perhaps she’d at least want to be with Sam so she could fulfill that fantasy. Nick could get off just watching the two of them. “Um, so, do you know if Chandra feels the same?”
“No, I don’t.” Samantha grabbed both of his hands and brought them to her lips. “I tried to get her to open up a little to me, but she kept finding excuses to do something else.”
“She must like you too.” Nick hugged Sam tight against his body and lightly stroked her hair. “I think you need to find out, Sam.”
“I… I want to, definitely. So…” She moved and stared into his eyes, seemingly relieved that he’d accepted her desire. “You’ll let me find out? I mean, I need to see if she’ll be interested in being with me first. I just have to find out. If she’s not, then at least I know I tried.”

Nick nodded and pulled her into his body for a loving hug. “Oh yeah, babes, please find out ‘cause I’m just as anxious to know the answer.”

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