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Wanting - An FFM Short by BLMorticia Part 4

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Hi Ms. Devina,

I’m curvy, standing about six feet with brown eyes and blondish brown hair. Me and my husband would be…

Disgusted by the last part, Chandra clicked delete. “Ugh, you were on a roll until you said man,” she sighed and slammed the hood of her laptop down. “Why don’t people read my profile? I don’t want to be with a woman and her man, I just want…
Chandra removed her black frames and set them on her desk. Frustrated, she exhaled and leaned back in the chair, thinking about the woman who made her crazy with lust. Samantha Daniels, gorgeous, buxom, curvy in all the right places, smart, not meek, seems to know exactly what she wants in life. 
Chandra wasn’t a hundred percent sure on that last one but from the looks of her man, she seemed like it. Recalling Samantha’s story of how she landed the hottest man in school, Chandra couldn’t help but smile.
* * * *
“When he approached me, I thought he was coming over to say something stupid, like some nerd or undesirable wanted to date me, and then he opened his mouth just to say hello. The minute he said it I was ready to thrust my tongue down his throat.”
“And did you?”
“Of course not! I said hi back and batted my eyelashes flirtatiously, asking what I could do to for him. He answered could he take me out sometime. I said yes, but only on one condition…”
“Which was?”
Samantha’s grinned widened and her cheeks turned a rosy shade of pink. “That he’d always be honest with me, no matter how much it hurt. I’m not one of those gals who likes being lied to. I’ve had boys tease me about my weight, when I wore braces, the clothing I wore so it doesn’t really hurt that bad because I’ve been through it all. My mom always told me to remember my inner strength and because I knew I was bigger and stronger than some of those pip squeaks, I started to fight back. Once I did, no one messed with me. That gave me confidence and since then, I haven’t lost it. I know I am capable of just about everything I put my mind to, including snagging the hottest man in school.”
* * * *
“Yep, that you did!” Chandra nodded to herself and sat back up straight. “Too bad you don’t like to stray ever so often because I might…”
Chandra cocked an eyebrow. Would she? Would she let go of her worries and inhibitions about being part of a triad just so she could be with Sam?
Wanting to forget, Chandra used her foot to shift in her swivel chair.
“Wheee…” Chandra stretched her legs out and let it turn a couple of seconds. As it slowed to a stop, she pondered the pros and cons of that situation.
Pro, of course she’d be with Sam.
Con, Nick…
How the fuck is Nick a con?
“Okay, maybe he’s not a con, but what if he doesn’t want to share?” Chandra hugged her own body tight and sighed inwardly. “What if he isn’t into girls being with girls?”
What man isn’t?
“Uh, contrary to popular belief, it has happened,” she answered her own question. These conversations with herself were her way of thinking deep. Some people journaled, Chandra talked to herself. She just made sure not to do it in public.
Back to this idea of being with Sam and Nick; could it be something different than what she’d experienced before? Only a couple of years ago, she was in an active relationship with two people she loved and respected. Sasha and Gareth Prince. Both were part of a hard rock band called Macy’s Flogger; Sasha sang lead and Gareth played bass.
They’d met at a charity show hosted by Chandra and Sasha’s mutual friend. From the first handshake, Chandra could feel the chemistry between all of them. With that kind of energy, Chandra assumed nothing could go wrong.
On their first “date”, Sasha mentioned how she wanted to be with another woman because she’d always been bicurious. Gareth had no qualms with this and immediately they all hit it off.
One year in, Gareth started to act weird towards Chandra. He’d snap at her, called her out her name, even resorted to calling her a home wrecker. When asked why, Gareth admitted he was falling deeply in love with Chandra and no longer wanted to be married. He mentioned being mean as a way to turn himself off of Chandra, when all it did was exactly the opposite. Because Chandra didn’t want to ruin their happy home, she left in the middle of the night.
Despite Gareth’s efforts to contact her, Chandra did not answer. She’d lost a close friend; make that two, that ended up divorcing because of Chandra’s presence. From that day forward, she promised never to fall in love with another established and or married couple because there was no way to get over the envy.
Sasha had always claimed it wasn’t a big deal but in the end, it was just that. It ruined their marriage and left an irreversible mark on Chandra’s heart. And though a relationship sounded good to her, her other had to be single or at least willing to only date her and not get her significant involved.
Regardless of how good the situation sounded, Chandra wouldn’t bend. Too much emotion had to be invested in two people and she wasn’t sure she had enough strength to give that to anyone.
And no matter how much Chandra wanted Sam, she couldn’t renege on her promise to herself. She’d be saving herself and those around her a lot of heartache in the long run.
* * * *
“Sam? Sam, babe…” Nick walked out if the bathroom, pulling his sweater over his head. “Sam, you wanna have breakfast before class? I’m passing it with flying colors so we can grab a bite then make it in time for second period.”
“Nah, I have a test first period anyway.”
Nick shook his head. “Well, um, okay, so what are you gonna do today besides go to class?” He headed towards the kitchen to talk with her.
“Um, go to class, like I do every day…”
“Are you gonna speak with Chandra?”
Please say yes, please…
“Oh yeah, I am but… I might need to meet her alone first, just to see if she’s interested in being with me. Then I’ll ask about you.”
“Why? I mean, how can she turn us down?” Nick rubbed Samantha’s shoulders.
Samantha shuddered and moved away. “Hey, come on, Nick! Don’t get me all riled up now when we have to leave.”
“Oh so my massages turn you on too, babe?” Nick gripped her shoulders and smoothed his hands downward towards her elbows while he kissed the side of her head repeatedly. Nick was determined to get her into thinking about sex…
And sex with him and Chandra.
“Oh Nick, damn you for being so freaking insatiable!”
“Mhmm,” Nick buried his head into the side of her throat, kissing and nipping while he dragged his finger down from her collarbone to her crotch. When his hand arrived, he rubbed the spot between her thighs through the fabric. He could tell she was getting more than hot for him.
“Nick, ugh… no, not now, babe. Please!”
Not wanting to stop, Nick didn’t obey right away. “Okay, I will, but I wanna be with you when you talk with Chandra, you know, just to get things going. You don’t think she’ll be turned on just watching us?”
“What if she’s not into you like that? You can’t just assume just because you’re drop dead gorgeous that she’ll go for you.”
Nick nodded, “Fair enough but hey, you can’t blame me for trying, Sam. Chandra is the goods. All the guys been fawning over her. She doesn’t really talk with a lot of people either. Do you think she’s um… antisocial?”
Sam shrugged, “Maybe, or she’s very introverted and shy like I usually am.”
“You aren’t anymore, sweet cheeks.” Nick held her close to his body and squeezed so she could feel his erection pressing against her hip.
“Mmph, Nicholas Andrews, I swear.” Sam appeared flustered by what he was doing.
Perhaps he’d convince his beloved bookworm to skip first class and instead of having breakfast at the restaurant, they’d have it here at their apartment.

Samantha’s a better meal than any diner can give me.

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