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Wanting - An FFM Novella by BLMorticia Part 5

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“That Nick!” Samantha rushed to her third class of the day, having already missed first and second. Nick wouldn’t let her go for any length of time. Seemingly, he was a man on a mission this morning; caressing her completely, making love to her. She could hardly catch her breath from these earth shaking orgasms.
Sam couldn’t keep up with man.
In all actuality, she didn’t try that hard.
Bottom line, Nick was in charge this morning and in a way, Samantha kind of liked it.
After they showered and dressed, he mentioned how he hoped the talk would go well with Chandra and how excited he was for a chance to be there. Samantha probably should’ve been jealous of Nick mentioning another woman, but it was actually the other way around.
How crazy am I?
She had one of the hottest men in the world on her arm and she cared about Chandra more.
Maybe once the two of them had their moment that would change. But for now, all Sam could think about was Chandra.
Those chocolate pools for eyes, her delicious curvy mocha skinned body. Chandra’s voluptuous breasts Sam couldn’t wait to suck and lick on while she fingered her clit.
Sam squirmed in her seat just thinking about it. She clenched her thighs together and nibbled on her bottom lip, remembering the sexy dream she had of Chandra on all fours while she licked her pussy and ass. Sam ached for that vision to become real sometime soon and hoped Chandra would want to play along.
Besides, the two of them had been exchanging looks long enough. Something had to be going on in both their minds. Sam prayed it was more than just simple admiration.
Third to seventh period went by like a breeze and before Sam knew it, classes were over for the day. She’d been wishing for them to be done fast anyhow because she wanted to catch up with her favorite librarian to discuss a possible more than friendship deal.
Though she wanted their rendezvous to occur in school, Sam thought it best to ask her out and maybe wait to be invited to Chandra’s place for a drink. That way no one would be around and they could talk more freely. The last thing she needed was nosy bitches like Delilah in her business.
“Samantha… mhmm, damn girl, Nick’s been feeding you good hasn’t he? You’re getting a little more pudgy each and every time I see ya!” Delilah’s voice jarred her from her thoughts.
Speaking of the devil.
Sam didn’t turn around. She only smirked and adjusted her book bag on her shoulder as she walked. “Yeah, he is, but I feed him real good too, you know. We had breakfast in bed this morning, just fruits and some whipped cream. He licked me… oh… um…” Samantha blushed and covered her mouth. “Clean. Because instead of pancakes and eggs, he had me as the main course.”
“Eww, you probably smothered the man with all those thighs didn’t you?”
“Well actually, Nick likes to live dangerously for the sake of my pleasure. He’d rather get smothered by flesh than some rail thin hussy like you.”
“What?” Delilah threw insults at her but seemed to stop when she noticed Sam wasn’t staying to listen.
Sam smiled to herself for such a brilliant come back.
Delilah was all talk and Sam wouldn’t get upset at the girl’s taunts.
Bottom line, the girl was mad Sam got to Nick before she did.
How fucking childish was that?
A part of her wished Nick was around just so she could rub it in Delilah’s face.
Maybe then that bitch would leave her alone.
Knowing she had more important things to do, she picked up the pace and headed to the library. When she arrived, she inhaled deep and closed her eyes with her hand on the doorknob, thinking of everything she would say to Chandra.
We’ve been friends for a really long time and…
That sounded like the line Nick gave her before they jumped into bed together for the first time. Didn’t most guys say that? And she wasn’t a guy, but she was trying to get a gage on what Chandra wanted. How should this conversation start? How could she convey her need for Chandra to be her woman and Nick’s, even for only one time?
No fuck that, I want it all.
Sam leaned against the door and tried to gather some courage. “Just be yourself, damnit!” She exhaled and walked in, clutching the arm of her backpack tighter. Looking for her desired, she scanned the room, noticing it mostly empty until she spotted a pair of high heels under a shelf.
Excited, she strolled over in that direction and made a sharp right. “Chandra?” She called out so she wouldn’t scare her coming up from behind. Though she entertained the idea to catch her off guard, Sam didn’t want to scare her.
“Yep. I’m over here.”
Sam slowed once she got to the aisle and eyed Chandra from where she stood.  Like every day, she was dressed to kill in her heels and today instead of a skirt, she wore a red dress that accentuated all of her curves and showed a little cleavage.
Sam’s mouth went dry taking in Chandra’s voluptuous frame even from the distance. She cleared her throat and dropped her gaze a moment just to collect herself, hoping she wouldn’t stutter.
Small talk first.
“So, er, how’s it going?”
“Good, Sam. It’s been quiet today. Not as many requests as usual but I suppose it will pick up later on.”
“I see, um… well, I don’t have any research to do today. I’m kind of hungry and I figured, since you get off at four, I’d ask you to join me for a bite to eat.”
Chandra pushed her frames up on her nose and took two long strides over to Samantha. “Sure, I suppose that would be good. I skipped lunch so I’m hungry too.” Chandra held a book tighter to her chest. “Sam, is everything all right? You seem tense.”
Sam nodded and brushed her brown curls away from her face. “I am, I’m just, well…”
Fuck this.
Sam inhaled sharply and closed her eyes a second, gathering the right words. “Chandra, I need to ask you something, and well, I hope that we can still be friends after I do.”
“Oh?” Chandra placed the book on the shelf and crossed her arms over her chest.
“Yeah, I um, I really like you, Chandra…”
“Well, I like you too, Sam.”
“No, I really like you, as in, I’m attracted to you. Oh fuck, this is soo freaking stupid how I’m saying this. Let’s ty this again, okay? I’m not a teenager, I’m a woman.” Sam breathed out again and balled up her hands into fists. “I’m attracted to you Chandra and I wanna spend more time with you, so if you’ll let me…”
Chandra cocked an eyebrow and titled her head. “Well wow, Sam, I didn’t expect you to ask that. You have a man, though. And how could you tell I was into women? Did I give off that many signals?”
“No, actually you didn’t but, I wanted to take a chance and ask anyway.”
Chandra looked away a moment. “Sam, I can’t really…”
“Yes you can. My man likes the idea. In fact, just like a guy, he wants in, but I explained to him, us first. I needed to find out of you’d be interested in me because I didn’t know…”
“No you didn’t.” Chandra took two steps closer and ran her hand through Samantha’s hair. “I am interested Sam, I really am, but I’m not sure I could be with you and Nick. I’ve been in that situation before and it caused a lot of undue stress and hurt on all of us.”
Sam’s knees slightly buckled with Chandra this close and touching her. She bit her lip, just to keep herself focused. “It wouldn’t with us, Chandra. Nick and I talked about it already. We both want this. He wants this to happen just as much as I do.”
Chandra stopped toying with Sam’s hair and leaned against the bookcase. “I’m sure he does but, you guys don’t know the risks. The minute all of us get involved it opens up a new can of worms. He’s into me, you are and vice versa, then there’s feelings about who I’m with more and why I spending so much time with the one instead of the other. I’ve been there, Sam and my friends divorced because of it. Nick’s seems like a nice guy but, I can’t. I can’t be with the two of you no matter how much I want you.”
Sam pursed her lips together and pulled Chandra’s hands into hers. She was determined to get this woman to see things her way. “Chandra, you’re not going to cause any issues, I promise. I dunno what happened in the past, but I know we can make this work.”
“That’s what Gareth and Sasha said too. The real answer is, you don’t know. And besides, your relationship with Nick is pretty fresh, right? Why would you want to bring in an extra person?”
“We’re not that new, Chandra. We’ve been dating for like seven months. Look Chandra, at first he was kind of upset that I wanted another person in bed with us but when I told him it was you, he seemed really excited about it. Just tell me you’ll give us a try. If it doesn’t work out, we can still be friends, but I’m gonna do everything I can to make this work. Please say yes, Chandra.” Sam rolled Chandra’s curls around her fingers and caressed her arm with her other hand. “I think about you all the time. Even when I’m in bed with Nick I dream about us sharing a kiss while Nick’s fucking me.”
Chandra’s eyes bulged from behind her glasses and she seemed to shift weight from one foot to the other. Perhaps she didn’t expect Sam to be so forward but Sam couldn’t help but tell Chandra exactly the way she felt. She was determined to get this woman in bed with her regardless of her doubts.
Now it’s time for the author prose to kick in.
Sam cleared her throat again and lifted Chandra’s hands to her lips, lightly kissing her knuckles. She rubbed Chandra’s soft hands against her cheek, then kissed every one of her fingertips. “Chandra, I thought about you being on top of me while Nick and I made love yesterday. I pulled your luscious thighs apart and fucked you with my tongue while you licked my clit like an ice cream cone. You tasted delicious and obviously you enjoyed it because I heard you purr like a cat when I ate you out.”
While she eyed the sexy librarian, Sam took one of Chandra’s fingers and sucked it in between her lips. “You look so fucking sexy today, Chandra, like you do every day. Red definitely suits you, but you know what I’d like better?” Sam didn’t wait for the apparently stunned Chandra to answer. “Your naked body, on top of my bed, with my head between your thighs.  I wanna make you come over and over and scream my name. I want you to take charge of me and force me down on you. And you know what else? Nick wants to watch.”
Sam leaned in closer, hoping Chandra would kiss her like there was no tomorrow.
She’d laid the groundwork for the perfect seduction, now she waited on Chandra’s reaction.

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