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Wanting - An FFM Novella by BLMorticia Part 6

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Hearing Samantha’s words, Chandra’s breath hitched in her chest and her nipples hardened against the fabric of her blouse. Her pierced clit tingled in her lacey underwear, just waiting to be ravaged with lips, tongue, anything to get rid of the persistent longing she was feeling at this moment.
Damn this girl is good.
Usually Chandra was the one doing the seducing. She had the saucy lines, the ones that would make her submissives exclaim in delight, but not this time. Not today when Samantha Daniels had a leg up on her.
And though she liked to be in control, she couldn’t help but enjoy hearing this sweet girl who she’d thought was completely innocent, tell her exactly what she wanted.
If they weren’t in school, she’d slam her down on the floor and rip her clothes off. Chandra was thoroughly entranced by Samantha’s offering but she didn’t want Nick, she only wanted Sam.
“Sam, I…”
Sam held Chandra’s hand and placed it on her chest. “Please Chandra. We’ve gotten passed the part about wanting each other. You and I can do this, with Nick. It can work.”
“But I don’t want Nick, Sam. I only want you.” Chandra yanked her hand away and spun around.
There she said it. No matter how gorgeous that man was, Chandra didn’t want to tear up another happy relationship because of everyone’s sexual urges. Soon that shit would wear off and they’d be wanting their lives back the way it was before.
Chandra couldn’t go down that road again.
She couldn’t take that chance.
“I want you too, babe.” Sam gripped her shoulders.
Chandra hugged herself, ignoring Sam’s advances, and refusing to turn back around. Already horny as hell, she couldn’t look into those baby blues again and see Sam pleading the case for this ménage. “Yeah, but only with your man.”
“I want you alone, but I know it would be good with him too. I mean, be honest, would you leave a man like that? He’s an all-around great guy, Chandra. He’s smart as shit, gorgeous, great in bed, he cooks, and he’s tidy,” she laughed. “He’s so fucking perfect, Chandra and I wanna share him with you. I want us to enjoy him together and each other.”
Chandra dropped her head and closed her eyes. Her body and heart said yes, give this chance, while her mind said no. Her brain should’ve been mush with all the talk Samantha laid on her earlier, but it was the exact opposite.
The dominant in her told Chandra to take control of this situation and make it work to her advantage. Make the girl please her and perhaps change her mind about being in a threesome again. If anything, she’d get to be with Sam alone at least once.
That was worth the risk of falling for her, right?
There was some pleasure for them even if Sam would persistently try to make Chandra part of a triad.
Chandra inhaled deep and turned around to look at her. She caressed Samantha’s arm and pulled her close, gazing into those light blue swimming pools. Chandra felt herself getting lost in those pupils and she didn’t want to find her way back.
Chandra moistened her lips.  “All right Sam, we’ll do this. No Nick right now but I do want you, okay? I’ve wanted you since the first day we met. You have no idea about all the naughty thoughts I’ve dreamed up with you in them. There’s a lot and believe me, none of them included your man.”
Sam nodded, seemingly relieved. “Okay, well I can live with that, at least for now.” Her gazed dropped and she inched in closer.
Wanting her, Chandra did the same and pressed her lips on top of hers, gently kissing her mouth for the first time. That small kiss seemed to linger on forever with their mouths just barely touching and though Chandra desired more, she decided to keep this simple since they weren’t completely alone.
Just as Chandra was about to pull away, Sam took charge, thrusting her tongue into Chandra’s mouth. Chandra’s heart jumped in her throat and her flesh tingled. Overly aroused, she gasped into the embrace and pulled Sam’s body against hers until they crashed into the shelf behind them.
Sam seemed excited by the exchange and ran her fingers down the center of Chandra’s body until she reached the hem of her dress.
As much as Chandra wanted Sam to do more, she didn’t want them to get so worked up they couldn’t stop. She was nearly to that point and thought she’d better put an end to this before things got out of hand. Reluctantly, Chandra shook her head and grabbed Sam’s shoulders, pushing her off. “Let’s take this away from here, hmm? I don’t want us to get caught.”
Sam smiled and backed away slightly, looking sheepish. “I’m sorry, I guess I got a little carried away. I want you so bad, Chandra, more than you know.”
Chandra lightly nipped her lips again and traced them with the top of her tongue. “Oh yeah I do, Sam. Your body and words told me everything.”
* * * *
“Yeah, I know man.” Nick sat his backpack down by his locker while he talked with his friend Josh.
“I mean dude, your lady is hot but, you know who I really wanna ask out?”
Nick smiled smug. “Who?”
“Man, the hottest librarian in town. Miss Chandra.”
Nick looked away, trying not to let Josh see his widened grin. Miss Chandra. Yeah every man in this school wanted to ask her out but…
She might be into girls, most likely my girl.
“Uh, yeah, um, she is the goods. Real pretty.” Nick ran his hand over his chin and drew up his lips. “What ya gonna say to her? And don’t give her any weak ass lines, man. She looks like the kind of lady you gotta impress.”
“Yeah.” Josh leaned against his locker and dropped his head. “I know. I have no clue what I’m gonna say. Did ya see what the hottie was wearing today?”
“Uh, no.”
“A blood red dress, showing the ta ta’s with matching heels. Man, you should’ve seen her getting out of her car this morning, Nick. Every guy within twenty feet gawked at her. Even the gay boys was like, damn!”
Nick laughed in response, doubting any gay boy would be into Miss Chandra. No question the woman was a looker, but she didn’t have that kind of power to turn someone gay straight.
Or did she?
“Nick! Hey Nick!”
An annoying voice from a distance called out to Nick, interrupting his conversation with Josh.
Nick ignored her call and picked up his bag, slinging it over his shoulder. “Damn this girl won’t quit.”
“She really got it in for ya, Nick.” Josh hit his chest. “Maybe you should do em both. I like a good cat fight over me every now and then.”
“No way, man.” Nick playfully punched Josh’s arm. “I’m not into her like that. ‘Sides, I only got eyes for Samantha…”
And Chandra, if she’ll let me.
“Dude, you’re a little young to be…”
Before they could say anything else, Delilah was right up in his face, smiling like the cat who ate the canary. Nothing about Delilah excited Nick. Instead, it nauseated him how hateful and jealous she was. She’d been taunting his girl ever since he turned her down months ago. That made her enemy number one. “What, Delilah?”
“I know something you don’t know.” She sung and tossed her blond tresses over her shoulder, stepping in between him and Josh.
“Hey dude, I’ll catch you later.” Josh turned and walked away quick.
“Josh, wait up!” Nick rolled his eyes. “What do you want, Delilah?”
“Well…” She inched up to him and pushed out her chest in his direction. “I thought you should know I just saw your girl kissing on Miss Chandra in the library. She looked pleased with it, Nick which means this crazy bitch is cheating on you with another woman.”
Delilah had a nice rack but Nick wasn’t interested. He cocked an eyebrow. “Oh yeah, and what else did you see?”
“They were a little close and I heard Chandra telling Sam they could meet for dinner or something.”
“Did they say where?”
“No…I uh,”
“Well damn girl, I thought you might know since you stuck your nose into a place it obviously doesn’t belong.”
“What? Nick, aren’t you upset?”
“No, I’m not because I already know my girl is into women too. You’re poking your nose into our business, Delilah.  Why you’re jealous of my lady, I don’t know, but you need to get over it!”
Delilah gasped, “Nick, I am not!”
“Just accept the fact I like Samantha more than you and move on, all right? Being a bitch isn’t becoming, okay? And believe me, let me hear anything about you taunting my girl or trying to squeal on Chandra and Sam’s moment, I will ruin you.” Nick lifted her chin. “I still have those embarrassing pictures of the beauty queen in eleventh grade, slipping in mud and…”
“No, no, okay fine! Ugh. You can have your bisexual porker, Nick, but when she doesn’t do enough to satisfy you, don’t come crying to me.” Delilah harrumphed and spun on her heel, stomping away in disgust.
Nick exhaled, wishing Delilah wasn’t female so he could wring her neck for that rude comment, but he had something better than that to make Delilah feel small. He lifted his phone and logged into his so-social account. “Oh yeah, Delilah, it doesn’t pay to have enemies.” He thumbed through the pictures of his old classmate with a horrible hairdo and braces. He and Delilah went to junior high together and his older brother dated Delilah’s cousin which meant lots of embarrassing pictures were shared between them.
“Yep, Dee, mean girls always get the short end of the stick.” Nick looked at the photo and hash tagged it flashback since it was Friday. He pressed the post button and waited for the picture to be circulated through all of his friends in school and beyond.

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