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Wanting - AN FFM Novella by BLMorticia Part 7

Part 6

**************** WARNING HOT F/F AHEAD!***************************

“And here we are.” Chandra opened the door wide and nodded at Samantha to go in.
“Whoa, nice.” Samantha stepped in, noticing the spacious apartment painted in royal blue with white trim. Chandra looked to be a minimalist with such little furniture; just a couch and a recliner as well as her table for two by the panoramic window on the right, showing a gorgeous view of the city. Her bamboo hardwood floors shone brightly up under the fluorescent lighting throughout her apartment.
“This is beautiful, Chandra.” Samantha dropped her bag by the couch. “May I?”
“Of course.” Chandra swung her keys around and sauntered into the living room. She toed her shoes off and continued on to her built in bookcase where she kept her sound system.
Samantha couldn’t help but watch the woman’s curves move in that dress. Her hips swayed from side to side, the prints of her thighs noticeable through the lipstick red fabric. Her plunging neckline revealed an ample rack featuring a tattoo of something she couldn’t really decipher but she was determined to find out once she got her completely naked.
Sam licked her lips, marveling in Chandra’s beauty, grace. She was so freaking gorgeous. Sam didn’t consider herself anything more than a plain jane with nice tits and ass. Chandra on the other hand was beauty queen extraordinaire.  “Wow, you are−”
“What Sam?” Chandra turned around and pushed her glasses up on her nose.
Sounds of smooth jazz filled the small space, creating an unbelievable mood just right for making love. Samantha couldn’t wait to start.
 “You’re beautiful, Chandra. Please come here so I can get a good look at you.”
As Chandra walked over the dress moved, flowing behind her along with her curly, jet black tresses. Chandra stood and looked down at Sam, grinning like a Cheshire cat. “You know what’s funny? I’m usually the one in control. I like to take charge in the bedroom and tell my subs what to do.”
Aw shit, I hit jackpot again!
Hearing those words, Samantha immediately creamed in her boy cuts. The woman she desired was a dominatrix? Chandra was indeed the best choice.
“Yep, but damn, Samantha. The way you talked to me earlier, I swear, I wanted to rip you clothes off right there and submit to you instead. You got me all riled up, lady. I had to collect myself, hearing you tell me about your dream.”
“Well it was true, I mean. I love… you know, him, but you been ruling my thoughts.” Sam reached for Chandra and traced her waistline. “You’re so beautiful, Chandra. I wanna make love to you all night.”
Chandra drew up her lips and moved Samantha’s hands. “Okay, but we gotta play by my rules for a while. My house, my way goes.” Chandra leaned down and lifted Samantha’s chin, bringing her in close. Gently, she licked around Samantha’s lips until she got to the bottom and sucked Sam’s mouth into her own.
“MMph…” Samantha groaned into Chandra’s kiss and placed both hands on Chandra’s shoulders. Excited, she squirmed on the couch, wishing her and Chandra were naked on the floor, couch, or bed right now. Just from that show of affection, Samantha was already soaked through her trousers. She hoped like hell she didn’t leave a big wet spot where she sat.
Chandra moved Samantha’s hands and pulled back. “Don’t touch until I tell you to, lover.” Chandra nibbled on Samantha’s top lip while she dragged her hand down to cup Samantha’s moist sex through her jeans. “Ooh, you are wet. No worries, I’m used to it. I keep spare couch covers on hand.” Chandra unbuttoned Samantha’s denims, sliding the wet pants from her waist. Once they were completely off, she tossed them aside. “I’ve been thinking of this moment for a long time, Miss Samantha.” With one hand, Chandra rubbed the moisture into Samantha’s skin while the other fingered Sam through her panties. “God you’re so sexy, Samantha.” She kneeled in front of her and pried her legs apart.
“Oh God.” Samantha leaned back into the cushions, gripping the pillows behind her. She clenched her teeth tightly and peered into Chandra’s lovely brown eyes. “I been thinking about that too,” she managed through baited breaths. Samantha closed her eyes tight and gripped the back of the couch, trying to hold herself up. Before she could say anything more, she sensed something wet travel along her thighs. In response, her eyes flung open and she noticed Chandra licking the trail of wetness down to her ankle. “Oh fuck!” Samantha’s skin was on fire from the subtle gesture, wishing this woman would stop teasing and give her what she ultimately wanted. “Chan…Cha…”
“Yes Sam?” Chandra licked her way back up until she arrived between her legs again. She slowly circled Samantha’s clit with her tongue through her panties. When she finished, she sucked the material and the thin layer of flesh into her mouth, moaning against it, slurping some of the excess from Samantha’s wet pussy.
“Jesus. Ugh!” Samantha threw her head back, whimpering at Chandra’s affections.
“Feels good, right?” Chandra pushed Samantha’s underwear aside and pushed her finger inside, probing, until she hit just the right spot. Again she sucked on Samantha’s nub, making noises with her mouth.
Caught up in the moment, Samantha bucked against Chandra’s hand and shook uncontrollably, willing to keep the orgasm from happening. She sucked in a breath, squeezed her kegel muscles to keep it at bay. “Oh God, Chandra!”
“Yeah, that’s it.” Chandra continued to push two fingers inside her. “Moan for me, Sam You want me and this. You want this.”
“Oh fuck!” Samantha wiggled and kept her hands to herself, remembering the command Chandra gave her. She hoped Chandra would become more dominant as the time went along, but for now, she was content with the oral assault she was receiving.
“Mhm, you taste so good and tighter than I imagined.” Chandra suckled and slurped her juices again. Hastily, Chandra yanked Samantha’s panties down to her ankles and tossed them, aside. “The first rule of a dominant is to make her sub happy and satisfied.” Chandra stood and pulled her dress off her shoulders, allowing it to slip down her body and pool around her feet. Her body seemed to radiate under the lights. All the colorful art on her skin illuminating, enticing.
Samantha’s eyes widened watching Chandra seductively remove her undergarments, revealing a lovely gold ring attached to the slither of skin between her legs.
“Oh God, I wanna...”
“What, Samantha?” Completely naked, Chandra stepped forward and sat on Sam’s lap. She yanked Samantha’s shirt over her head and pulled her brassiere down, revealing her perky tits.
Samantha inhaled sharply, looking into Chandra’s eyes. “Chandra, you… make me so…”
“Excited?” Chandra traced Samantha’s lips with her finger before plunging them into her mouth. She shifted on Samantha’s lap and bucked against Samantha, mating their pussies together.
With that metal rubbing against her sex, Samantha sucked vigorously, as if Chandra’s hand was a dick. “Fuck baby!”
“Mhmm…” Chandra licked Samantha’s cheek and forced her tongue into Samantha’s mouth while she thrust against her.
“Oh yes, God, yes, harder!” Samantha’s orgasm built to a higher plateau with Chandra’s motions. With every movement, she could feel her excitement increase and her skin tingling from Chandra’s flesh so close in proximity. Just as she deepened the kiss and pulled her arms around Chandra, Sam hesitated, remembering her command to keep her hands to herself.
“No, it’s okay. We’re on equal footing… for now, lover.” Chandra removed her glasses in the sexiest way and placed them on the table next to the sofa.
Samantha curled her arms around Chandra’s curvy frame and pulled her in. “Good. You know, you can always dominate me later!” 
* * * *
“Yes, more, more!” Samantha screamed at the top of her lungs as Chandra ground their pussies together in reckless abandon.  
Chandra placed both of Samantha’s soft hands on her breasts while she rode Samantha like a cowgirl riding a horse. Her own climax building by the second, she bit her lip just to keep control of herself during their exchange. “MMph, oh God… yes…”
Samantha rose and lifted Chandra up slightly before moving her leg. She placed her knee just high enough for Chandra to rub her clit against it and her thigh. Samantha held Chandra around the waist and started pulling her forward, creating friction between their bodies.
Chandra leaned back, gasping, panting for air while she stared at the ceiling. She curled her arms around Samantha’s neck to keep her balance. Her skin burst into flames with each of Samantha’s thrusts against her dripping wet pussy. “Fuck!”
“Yes, come for me, Chandra, come on!” Samantha willed her on and probed her pierced clit with her finger, massaging, rubbing repeatedly.
“Shit, ugh!” Chandra clenched her thighs together but she could no longer feel her legs or her body. Everything went numb, tense, preparing for a mind blowing orgasm that might wake up a few of her neighbors.
“Yes, Chandra, yes, Oh God, yes!”
Chandra’s eyes rolled in the back of her head and she gripped tighter onto Samantha’s shoulders. She quickened her pace and before she knew it, her release escaped from between her legs, sprinkling them both.
Sam pulled her up and lightly suckled on her nipples. “Fuck that was amazing. Watching you come was a thing of beauty!”
* * * *
Chandra rolled over on her bed and winced when her backside hit the wet spot directly in the middle. Though she should’ve changed them immediately after Samantha walked out, Chandra didn’t. She wanted to keep Samantha’s smell on her sheets to remind her of their first and most likely their last encounter together. Despite Samantha’s pleading, Chandra couldn’t break her promise to stay out of ménages, no matter how good the sex was between them. Once Nick got involved, things would change and become difficult.
Chandra didn’t want to go through that shit again.
Not now, not ever.
Still, the memories of her and Samantha’s copulation were fresh on her mind. She pulled the pillow up to her nose, inhaling the strawberry scent of Samantha’s hair spray. In the midst of her haze, thoughts of grabbing her soft brown tresses while she went down on her flooded her brain, causing a small trickle between her thighs.
“Oh God, Sam… I…” Chandra hadn’t been this taken by anyone in so long. She hadn’t met a woman who made her drop the dominatrix and submit like Samantha. She enjoyed taking control and keeping. Not tonight, Samantha was in charge from the time she talked to her in the library until they parted ways almost two hours ago.
Chandra knew it might take her a long time to get over the desire for Samantha Daniels but it was for the best.
She only wanted her and no interest in the hot ass man on her arm.
Crazy, but she was determined to keep her heart tightly locked. 

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