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Wanting - An FFM Novella by BLMorticia Part 8

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“So, what happened?” Nick slid down in the chair next to Sam, patiently waiting for the news.
Samantha nibbled on her lip and cocked an eyebrow. “Wow. That’s all I can say, babe. She was…”
“Was… what? Tell me more, baby! You know I been dying to find out.” And he had, especially after he managed to get the ugly pics of Delilah circulated around the school. “Samantha?”
“We… we did a lot of things, Nick. We made love, kissed, had sex…”
“Details!” Nick sat closer and grabbed both Sam’s hands.
“Okay, okay, Nick,” she laughed. “We kissed, a lot at first, with tongue, rubbing and bumping bodies...lower bodies especially. She and I are totally compatible together, but...” Samantha appeared worried.
Samantha looked away. “She doesn’t want a threesome, Nick. She thinks it will mean the end to our relationship.” 
“Why the hell is she saying that? I love you, Sam, first and foremost. No woman could ever turn my head from you.”
Sam shrugged, “She mentioned something about a past experience with another couple. Oh God, Nick, get this. She’s a dominatrix!” Sam practically lit up after saying that.
“Really?”  Nick wasn’t one to endure a lot of pain for pleasure, but he’d try just about anything to make Sam happy.
“Yep. We discussed it afterwards. She has toys, a little room with different contraptions and everything. Her name is Miss Devina.”
“Miss Devina, huh? Wow…” Nick wrapped his arms around her waist and brought Sam close. “You know, love, Miss Chandra is a hot commodity at school. A lot of guys are into her...”
“I’m sure but, she isn’t really into guys. She told me she likes women better.”
“So there’s no chance at all for us to get this threesome going? I mean, I’m not saying I’ll be overly bummed if we didn’t but…”
Sam flashed him a wicked grin. “Nick, I already know. You want a shot at her. Who doesn’t? She’s beautiful, Nick. Everything about her is lovely. Her skin is flawless, the tattoos and piercing, wow. They’re so well done, especially the one on her inner thigh. This woman isn’t really the shy librarian she plays at school, Nick. She’s a temptress.”
Hearing Samantha talk got Nick all excited about Chandra, but if the woman wasn’t into men, there was a good chance this wouldn’t happen. The situation wasn’t dire, but Nick wanted to experience what Sam had earlier tonight.
Even if it was for only one time, he’s curiosities about the exotic woman just had to be satisfied.
* * * *
“No, I’m fine, Leslie, I really am.” Chandra leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the desk. “I just needed a mental health day, that’s all.” She rolled her eyes when her boss kept talking to her, mentioning how good of an employee she was and how he valued her friendship.
You just want me in bed!
Chandra smirked while Dean Leslie Downs continued to butter her up just to get in good. No matter what she wouldn’t be sleeping with her boss or anyone else.
No now, anyway.
Not when Samantha Daniels was on heavy rotation in her mind. Her smell, her face, her taste. Chandra hissed and shook her head.
Maybe in the next lifetime, babe.
Too bad Samantha was in love or else they could be something more than friends. Either way, Chandra knew she’d probably have to move once again so Nick and Sam wouldn’t part ways over her. First things first though, get her annoying boss off the phone.
“Um, listen Leslie, I thank you for all the flattering comments but I need to go. I have, um, to rest because I have house work to do…I really.”
“Will you at least consider it, Chandra?”
I’d rather kiss a poisonous snake.
“Um, maybe but right now I have to go, okay? I’ll stop by and chat Monday morning before I head to the library, all right?”
Please get the fuck off the phone.
Chandra was officially tired of talking with the man old enough to be her grandfather with the bad toupee and his suits that looked like he was stuck in a seventies time warp. She had no interest in him or any other man at the moment. Not when a certain friend of her ruled her thoughts.
“All right then Chandra, have a good weekend and see you…”
Chandra dropped the phone. “Oops, sorry sir.” Chandra pressed on the red disconnect. “Oh shit, sorry, I lost our connection.” Chandra tossed the phone on her sofa and walked to the other side of the room. “Fucking douchebag!” She pulled the two ends of her robe together. “You have a nice wife at home and you’re trying to mess around with me?” Chandra plucked juice from the fridge and leaned against her countertop. “I wouldn’t give you the time of day even if I was…”
Into men?
She could be if they were extremely sexual and genuinely interested in being a sub, then she might give it some thought. Only then, because men didn’t completely do it for her.
What about Nick?
“What about him,” she frowned and turned around to face her empty living room. “He is nice looking. Okay, he’s a freaking god.” So fucking attractive but again, men were like toys to her. She played with them and tossed them back in the box.
Women on the other hand was what excited her and sent her over the edge. With a woman like Sam in the room she could easy shed the outside innocent exterior and turn on the prowess that made her the name she was today.
Fucking Sam.
Yeah, Sam was something else and it would be hard to get the woman off her mind.
Chandra didn’t want to think it was time to pick up her bags and leave but perhaps that would be necessary just to forget the one night with Sam and move on with life.
“Fuck!” Chandra stomped her foot and tossed her bottle in garbage. She drudged out of the kitchen onto her bedroom when the doorbell sounded, breaking her thoughts.
“Good, just what I need, freaking visitors.” Chandra pursed her lips, cursing under her breath as she walked. She pushed the button. “Yes?”
“Chandra, it’s me. Can I come up for a while?”
Chandra closed her eyes and pushed the red button again. “Um, look honey I’m not doing so well. Can we talk later?”
“No, we need to talk now. You were perfectly fine last night, Chandra. Why would you call off today?”
“I wasn’t mentally ready for work or facing you, thank you very much.” Chandra hated to say that. Usually she was the one to get a woman all flustered over her and with Sam it was the complete opposite.
“You’re welcome, babe. Um, you might as well let me up because I’m not leaving this place until you do.”
“Please Chandra. I need to see you.”
There was that word again in a pleading fashion that made her insides turn to a puddle of goo. Samantha was really good at it too. She could see those blue eyes, solemn and wanting all at the same time. Damn this woman for making her into a total sap.
“All right, fine.” Chandra exhaled and stared at her finger touching the white button to allow Samantha upstairs. She shifted and made her way to the door, reaching for the knob. In her grasp, her knuckles turned white and all of a sudden her palms felt clammy. Why the heck had she let Samantha Daniels into her building knowing all the wicked things Sam had done to her the night before and last afternoon in the library.
Chandra shook her head and slowly opened the door.
“Chandra? Hey are you behind the door,” she laughed.
Chandra stepped from behind, looking into Sam’s face and noticing she had company in tow.
“Nick, you remember Chandra, don’t you? Chandra…”
“Yeah, I sure do, and um, wow… nice to see you again, ma’am.”

Chandra gulped hard and didn’t let go of the door. “Uh, yes you too, Nick. Why don’t I get a couple of drinks and you both make yourselves at home?

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