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Wanting - An FFM Novella by BLMorticia Part 9

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******************* WARNING: HOT SEX SCENE AHEAD FFM*********************

“Whew.” Nick shook his head and flashed a wry smile. “Damn babe, I can tell she wasn’t expecting both of us to be here.”
“No she wasn’t but that’s what will make things even more fun.”
Nick wasn’t sure that was the case but he was willing to play along. He practically jumped out of his skin when Sam suggested they both drop by Chandra’s house to see how her favorite librarian was feeling.
“If you say so babe.” Nick kissed her head and accepted her hand, leading her to the sofa.
“This was where we started,” Sam winked and plopped into the space to his right.
“Yeah? I wish I would’ve been a fly on that wall.” Nick’s pants tightened just at the thought of watching his girl and her girlfriend go at it. Even if it meant nothing for him, the prospects of watching them would be almost as satisfying.
Okay maybe not.
Nick had to get at least one taste. He felt like a fiend looking for his first experience with the newest drug on the market.
“Well, perhaps if we can convince her then we’ll recreate the whole scene for you,” Samantha patted his knee then dragged her hand lazily upward until she reached his crotch. “Ooh I can see someone’s excited.”
“Hells yeah, babe. You think I’m not?” Nick swatted her hand away and folded his legs to relieve some of the pressure. “I’m still hard from you recounting everything over again.”
“Oh? Well, geez, Nick, I thought I took care of that for you with the blow in the car.” Sam winked at him and pushed his legs apart, massaging his dick through his trousers.
“Holy hell, woman, what are you trying to do to me?” He leaned back and slid down on the couch, feeling overly horny for something to fucking happen. “Yeah, uh, you did but you know that was only the tip of the iceberg for me. I needed to be inside you then I would’ve been completely satisfied.”
“Yeah but there was no time.” Sam gave his cock a firm squeeze and kissed him quickly. “Chandra, you good in there, babe?”
“Yeah, I’m… I’ll be out there in a minute.”
Nick exhaled and looked at Sam, sporting a wicked smile. He could tell his girl was just as horny as he was; the eager look, the flushed cheeks, her nipples perking through bra and leaving imprints on her blouse. Hot damn she was all hot and ready and now all they needed Chandra to come in here and agree to something more. 
“Sorry, I brought you guys some soda and juice. And since you brought Nick over I had to throw some clothes on. Wouldn’t wanna be walking around in just my robe.” Chandra pushed her glasses up on her nose and flopped in her recliner.
“Now Chandra, come on.” Samantha mused and curled her stray hairs around her ear. “Don’t try to be all formal now.”
“Formal,” Chandra laughed and crossed one tight ass jeaned leg over the other.
Nick breathed out deeply and crossed his legs once again to get that vision out of his head. Chandra’s washed out denims appeared as if she was poured in them and the black tank top clung to her upper body like fucking saran wrap.
Jesus fuck.
Chandra’s black bra peeked out form the sides and he caught a glimpse of her ink work on her arms and biceps. Shit, the girl was built, like a fucking brick house. Nick knew he wanted to get lick every single one of those tats and taste her coffee colored skin. Chandra was an exotic beauty, a freaking goddess he’d love to get to know on a more personal level. Her curves, the sway of her hips when she walked in with that tray, the flex of her arms when she sat it on her coffee table. Nick had watched it all and he was more than intrigued. No wonder all the guys had been frothing at the mouth over her. Perhaps she did have the power to turn a gay man’s head. She was certainly turning a committed one’s head, all the way to the right.
Sam’s simple response broke Nick out of his lust filled haze. “Yeah, you didn’t have to get dressed on my account, Miss Chandra. Even though you’re looking quite hot in those jeans, the robe would’ve been easier to get to that gorgeous body,” Nick winked.
Samantha giggled. “Look at that. My man surely isn’t one to mince words.”
“Obviously,” Chandra rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re cute, you really are and since we’re being honest, your girl titillates me. She made me come more times than I could count last night, but it’s not enough to make me change my mind about…”
“A threesome? Come on, Chandra. If anything, I know you wanna get another shot at my woman.” Nick laced his fingers tightly with Sam’s and squeezed. “I’ll give you that, without balking.”
“But will you let me have it without you?” Chandra moved her ink black hair from her face and flung it over her shoulder. “No offense Nick but dick doesn’t really do it for me.”  She leaned forward, leaning both elbows on her knees. She clasped her hands together.
“No? Then I wonder what dick turned you completely off. I mean, dick doesn’t do it for me either but then again, I’m a guy.” Since Chandra was willing to be so forward, he might as well join her. “But Chandra, I have to say, you haven’t given me a shot to prove if mine would do anything to change your mind. I mean, my girl can attest to that. I got some skills.”
“He does, Chandra, but honey, I know what we got is something hot, something real but I think it could be further enhanced with my man. He really is quite the charmer and heck, look at him.” Samantha cupped his chin.
“Ah, okay, okay, I’m not a fucking dog show puppy, all right,” Nick grabbed Sam’s hand and kissed it. “I’m just saying, Miss Chandra, I might be able to change your mind. I want a shot at it, anyway, and if I fail, I’ll let you and Samantha play without me.”
“What?” Samantha gasped.
“Shh, Sam. I don’t mean for good, babe, I mean the two of you could see one another and I won’t interfere. For as long as you two want that, you know? What do you say, Chandra? Let me try just once.” Nick was going for broke even if it meant only one taste of Miss Chandra it would be worth it.
Chandra drew up her lips and leaned back in her chair. “If Sam’s okay with it, you’re on, Mister!”
“Well, yeah, of course I am but, what if he does get you into it, Chandra? If he succeeds you would become our third?”
Fuck yeah!
Nick loved the prospects of that. When he first made the mention he wasn’t even worried about another reward because being with Chandra would be a treat within itself.
Chandra’s smile straightened when Samantha threw that out there on the table. “Sam, I…”
“No, no, there’s got to be something at the end of that, Chandra. It’s only fair.” Samantha got up and walked over to Chandra, rubbing her leg. “I want this, we want this, babe. Please,” she pleaded on her knees, seemingly to break Chandra by begging.
Chandra’s chest rose and fell. Her eyebrows creased together behind the black frames, making her look like a mad scientist.
Damn hot.
Nick cleared his throat, noticing that wicked sexy look that had him reeling. He was already hard and ready for some action but Miss Chandra’s looks caused even more of a disruption in his trousers and his brain. His whole body reacted to the prospects of having this fine woman underneath him or on top, enveloping his stiff prick with her heat.
Fuck yeah.
Seriously, this woman was doing some messy things to his libido that he thought only Sam was capable of. No question, Nick looked forward to the answer out of Chandra’s mouth, hoping it would be in favor of Samantha’s ultimate desire.
“All right, fine but only for now. Not forever, let’s not put that kind of pressure on it. That’s what make’s things more complicated.” Chandra folded her arms over her gorgeous rack.
“You got it.” Nick leaned back on the couch. “So, my dear. Where should we…”
“Bedroom, mine, now,” she growled and got up quickly, leaving Sam on her knees.
She shook her head and looked back at Nick with a loopy smile.
“Yes ma’am!” Nick stopped to help Sam up from her position and kissed her quickly. “You wanna watch? And damn baby, could you be naked while you do?”
“Of course.” Samantha returned the gesture and swiped her hand over Nick’s hardness. “Mhm, damn, someone is raring to go.”
“Hells yeah, babe, I most definitely am. And no worries, I will get this woman to bend for us. That, my love is a guarantee!”
* * * *
What the fuck!
Chandra stomped in her bedroom, wondering what the hell kind of mess she’d created for herself and the two people following her. “Shit, I must be mad and a fucking glutton for punishment.”
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
Stupid one for agreeing to be with Nick when she had little interest.
Stupid two for agreeing on the wager that could mean another outcome like Gareth and Sasha.
Stupid three for allowing Samantha and her man into her place to begin with.
“Ugh!” Chandra turned on her heel and nibbled on her lip, wishing she had an escape from this situation that she’d made even more fucking complicated. Damn the both of them for coming over here and ruining her mental health day.
This was supposed to be a time for relaxation, to unwind, to distress and think about her next move. Instead, it ended up being exactly the opposite for her, at least towards the end anyway.
Just how the hell would she get out of this completely unscathed?
No fucking way, bright one.
Chandra dropped her head and buried it in her hands. Her body tensed all over with every sound of Nick’s footsteps getting louder behind her.  “Shit! I can do this, I gotta…”
Interrupting her thoughts, soft, warm hands gripped her shoulders and dragged downward over her arms. An equally warm breath tickled her earlobe followed but a flick of something wet, something sinister like a freaking snake.
“MMph…” Chandra balled up her fists and kept her resolve. Damnit, what kind of dominatrix was she if she were to fail at the first trick Nick threw her way.
Refuse, resist.
“May I?” Nick’s alto voice skittered across her spine heating her body like match to gasoline. Immediately, her limbs turned into fucking jelly.
“You…you may,” Chandra managed, keeping her hands tightly formed into fighting mode. She was determined to keep her cool through this process.
Think about Sam.
Yes, Sam.
The right to have the woman to herself even if she did have to share. She would pass this test and bring the seemingly over confident Nick to his knees.
Still, she had to admit, it was kind of cute. Usually she reduced men like him to mice and made them feel small with just a crank of her whip and her biting words. But she didn’t want to scare Sam or make the woman hate her, so she held all of her emotions in check.
Nick’s hands delicately traveled from the top of her shoulders, down the length of her arms. He traced the ink there with his fingertips while he continuously whispered inaudible things in her ear.
Chandra closed her eyes and opened her hands up if only for a second to relive some of the pain she’d inflicted on herself. She moistened her lips, trying to keep focused on what could be something a lot more pleasurable but damn, Nick was testing her resolve, making her look like a fool right now.
“You wanna let go, don’t you?” Nick pressed his lip against the side of her head and slid his arms down to the hem of her tank top. He clutched two parts and pulled until he had it completely off her body. “I wanna let go and yeah, I understand you’re all Miss Devina and shit, but even beyond that tough exterior, I can tell your body wants something more. It wishes for something… perhaps I can help you, Chandra. I wanna help you, baby.”

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