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Wanting - An FFM Novella by BLMorticia FINAL

Part 6
Part 7

******************* WARNING: HOT SEX SCENE AHEAD FFM*********************

Chandra grit her teeth and formed fists at her side again. That small flicker caused some disruption down below. “I’m… I’m sure you do.” Chandra opened her eyes and found Samantha sitting her desk only clothed in her bra and panties. Her eyes full of desire, want and her fingers feverishly worked the sweet spot between her thighs.
Chandra’s licked her lips and dropped her head, allowing Nick access to the back of her neck. “Jesus.”
“Nope, not him.” Nick pressed forward into her. His erection rubbed against the underside of her thigh.
From the feel of it, dude was seriously packing and he was hard as nails right now. Chandra had to admit, she was curious to feel it pulse inside of her. One thing a woman couldn’t do; fuck her into submission with actual flesh and not some plastic dong.
Nick’s lips stayed on the nape of her neck, leaving trails of wetness along the crease. She shuddered from the sensation and jumped when his hands found the waistband of her jeans.
“MMph.” Moans escaped her lips and her eyes followed his hands.
Nick caressed the skin there until he found the button holding the jeans up over her thighs. In one swift motion he pulled it apart and slid her pants down until they were around her knees.
And just when she thought things might calm a moment, Nick surprised her.
Chandra drew in a shaky breath and grimaced, feeling wetness trail to the underside of her boy shorts. Nick yanked the black, moist cloth down with ease completely exposing her ass.
Chandra threw her head back and gasped, clenching her thighs tightly together to keep more of her release from seeping through. God this man was lethal. How the hell would she hold on and not climax just from his hands touching her? When Nick got both down to her ankles, she stepped out of them and toed both aside.
“You are so damn gorgeous, Chandra.” Nick’s hands made their way back upward until they were back at the starting point of her shoulders. He gripped them tight and shifted her around to face him. “You’re wet, I can tell.”
Chandra bit on her lip. “So I am…” She tried to find the inner confidence she’d held for so long. “What will you do about it, hmm?”
In response, Nick cupped her face in his hands and brought her close, running his elongated finger across her jaw. “I’d rather show you, than tell you.”
With their faces only inches apart, Chandra focused on his lips closing in on her. When his mouth found hers, she whimpered into his kiss, hating herself for falling that easy but loving the feel of him so close. She deepened the kiss, running her hands into the back of his head and yanking his soft brown tresses with her palm.
Feeling a little more steady, she forced him back and gazed into his beautiful brown eyes. “My turn to take control, Mr.” She wouldn’t be the victim anymore and she knew she was risking Sam’s feelings by showing her dominant side to Nick.
“Please do, babe!” That seemed to excite him instead of throwing him off guard.
Chandra pulled him in again for another hearty kiss, twisting her tongue around his while lightly pushing him backward until they were by the bed. “Strip for me, Nick.” Chandra looked around at Samantha who seemed very intrigued and gave her the thumbs up.
Nick nodded and yanked his shirt over his head. “Why don’t you help me, Miss Devina?”
Fuck me.
Chandra noticed the hard pecs and the tanned six pack on his chest. So freaking beautiful. Perfect. She’s had some gorgeous men grace her bedroom but they were never as handsome as Nick. Chandra surmised men like Nick were too cocky to be submissive. Most of the time, they were dominants who refused the play the game for fear they’d be brought off their high pedestals.
Seemingly, Nick was exactly the opposite, but his invitation for Chandra to help wasn’t complete and total submission to her.
Instead, it was a dare.
“Chandra?” Nick’s voice held something wanton, primal. That alto tone sounded close to a low growl, almost demanding.
Ever so often Chandra liked a challenge. Usually she won them with little effort.
“Okay then.” Chandra step closer, running her hands around his waist, pulling his jeans downward until they pooled around his ankles. She eyed his cock straining helplessly against the tight fabric of his black boxer briefs.
“Shi… damn babe, you can see how hard I am for you!” Nick grabbed her and thrust his tongue into her mouth while they both fiddled with his underwear.
Oh shit, what happened to that control?
Chandra had lost it when she allowed this man to put his hands on her. And damn did she like it, no make that loved it.
Chandra groaned into his mouth while she reached down, palming his thick cock in her hand. She slowly massaged it with her thumb, invoking pre-cum from the swollen head.
“Oh damn, baby. Yes.” Nick released a shaky breath and looked down then back up at her. Heat and passion in his eyes, he kicked off his sandals and the rest of his clothes. “I got have you on top of me, Chandra. Ride me! Fuck me into this mattress!”
Aw hell!
That was more than just an invitation, that was a demand and it made Chandra’s pussy pulse and her nipples tighten on her chest. She sucked in a breath. “Lie back, baby.” She’d forgotten that dominatrix side of her and settled on being the temptress. Her entire body was on fire from being so close to this man and hearing his commands in that low tone.
She could understand why Sam didn’t want to leave him. Why the hell would she? The man was dangerously hot and sexy. Even being more into women, Chandra could admit that.
Chandra looked over at Sam who watched intensely from the side. She’d discarded her bra and panties, her lily white flesh slightly flushed pink seemingly from her own hands. “Come here and get a closer look.” Chandra desired Sam to be closer to her man, perhaps keep him occupied so he wouldn’t be focused on just Chandra.
Sam did just that and took her place to his left. They shared a kiss and a couple of gropes, making Sam cry aloud in his mouth.
Watching intently, Chandra couldn’t help but enjoy the display while she tore open the condom packet. She rolled the latex on him and observed the two lovers, wondering if she could truly do this again.
Chandra had already conceded the loss to Nick.
She got wet and fell prey to him just from his touches, the voice, and his demands to allow her to fuck him.
Perhaps this moment wouldn’t be so bad after all.
Maybe it could work.
Damn it to all hell!
Sam took her hand and kissed the backside. “Judging from the way you look, I’d say Nick won, hmm?”
Chandra only nodded and crawled the length of Nick’s body until her pussy was directly over his hardened length.
Sam came close and locked lips with Chandra while she eased down on Nick’s sheathed dick.
“Holy fuck! Oh damn, Chandra!” Nick yelped, seemingly pleased with the feeling. He grasped her waist, guiding her up and down on his erection.
Chandra let go of Sam’s mouth and gasped, twisting her nipples while she rode him. Rushes of energy ran through her veins, forming goose pimples on her arms and legs. Beads of sweat formed on her neck and back almost instantly. Chandra moved vertically on his dick, as he requested. She clenched her thighs together giving him a tighter fit.
“Oh damn babe. So freaking hot. Fuck him!” Samantha cheered her on.
Chandra threw her head back and with every shove into her pussy, she could feel a part of her hardened exterior being stripped away. She rubbed the top of her clit while she hopped on Nick’s cock like a freaking pogo stick.
Damn the man was good.
More than.
She hadn’t been fucked this good by a man in quite a while.
Without losing the rhythm between them, Nick sat up and wrapped both muscled arms around Chandra. “Damn…” Nick pulled close, pressing his head onto Chandra’s a moment before turning to Sam and kissing her passionately.
“I gotta switch, babe. Do you mind?”
“Of course not.” Sam kissed him again and kissed Chandra’s lips too.
Chandra touched her swollen lips and allowed Nick to flip her over on her back.
“Let me get behind her Nick!” Sam touched Chandra’s shoulder, urging her forward.
Chandra did just that, letting her two new lovers move her, shape her.
Chandra was in too much of a daze to stop them. She leaned back into Sam’s chest and opened her legs wide, watching Nick settle between her thighs again.
“Oh hell, so freaking hot, babe. You gotta be ours. After I’m done with you, I wanna watch you and Sam recreate last night. I wanna see how she got you hot and bothered, Chandra. I gotta see for myself.”
Chandra nodded and wrapped one arm around his neck while she reached back, letting Sam suck on her fingers. She watched the intensity in those wild brown eyes, seeing his intent to fuck her into this mattress instead of what he’d originally asked for.
Holy hell.
Chandra inhaled sharply when Sam’s fingers turned her nipples like dials.
And just when she thought things would settle, he sped up the pace again while he enveloped her mouth completely, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth. “Oh God, Chandra I’m so close.”
Chandra cried out and found his mouth again, clenching her hips tightly to get ready for what would be one of the most powerful climaxes in recent weeks.
No matter that Chandra didn’t feel men as a whole were as attractive as women.
Nick was more than just any man. More than any she’d had anyway.
Chandra accepted this battle of wills and was defeated a lot faster than she wanted.
Oh hell, at least it was worth it.
* * * *
“Oh God, Chandra. Damn babe.” Nick yelled out, feeling the pressure on his groin increase by leaps and bounds. He inhaled deeply and wrapped Chandra’s legs around his waist while he pushed into her repeatedly.
Chandra’s pussy fit like a glove, almost as perfect as Sam’s and damn he wished he could feel the sensation of that piercing on his cock.
Maybe later.
Perhaps when they got to know one another a little more outside of the bedroom.
However, even with the latex, being inside this naughty librarian was absolutely amazing.
His body tensed with his balls drawing up closer to his body. Feeling all the adrenaline rush to his nipples and cock he grabbed Chandra, kissing her feverishly while he filled the condom with his release. His breath hitched in his throat and he closed his eyes, seeing bursts of light behind his eyelids.
Fuck yes.
Damn it wasn’t love yet but it fucking could be. How lucky would that be to have two women who loved one another and him at the same time? Nick would consider himself to be one of the luckiest, hell the luckiest because looking at both of them, they were gorgeous, beautiful. Who wouldn’t want two voluptuous women to be their partners in life and love?
As his release slowed, he pulled away from Chandra watching her lean back into Sam, looking sated and satisfied. Sweat covered her coffee skin making the ink on her arms and breasts illuminate.
Sam pulled Chandra’s head close and kissed her lips while she fingered her moist clit.
Nick didn’t pull out just yet. He watched Sam’s fingers move feverishly over Chandra’s slit, prodding and causing her to moan into their embrace.
Nick couldn’t help but be turned on and damn if he wasn’t getting hard just seeing them together.
“Sam, it’s your turn, babe. I want you to get off too.” Chandra leaned forward, pushing Nick off a little.
Reluctantly Nick complied. He moved slightly and slid the condom from his dick. The sensation sent shocks through his system, making his cock jump almost back to life.
Despite his desire to have Chandra again, Nick wanted to see the two women as he’d requested. “So, you two are gonna put on a show for me now, right?”
Sam giggled, “Yes sir.” She crawled over to him and massaged his hardening dick while they shared a kiss.
Immediately, Nick’s cock sprung up with Sam massaging the swollen head and fondling his balls. “Actually, more of that later.  I got an idea that will make us all happy.”
“Oh I know what you’re thinking.” Sam turned around to Chandra, pushing her ass out in front of Nick.
“Oh yeah, babe, you’re right there with me.” Nick palmed himself and pushed a finger inside Sam’s tight anus. “Yes Sam, kiss her, show me how you two lust one another.”
* * * *
In the middle, yes!
Sam couldn’t have been happier being in the center of what was now her sexual universe. Nick from behind and Chandra in front, ready to ravish her lips with reckless abandon. She’d dreamt about the two of them being in bed with her, pleasuring her until no end and now that vision was becoming a reality.
A reality she hoped would last for the rest of their lives.
“Kiss me, Chandra!”  Wanting her woman, Sam yanked her black tresses until their mouths joined together in a feverish embrace. The sensation of this woman’s mouth on top of hers made her forget just about everything in her brain. Tongues tangling and fighting for prominence, Sam could feel herself falling a little deeper with each kiss. She had to have them both. No ifs, and’s, or buts.
“MMph, Sam… yes, God yes. I wanna taste you while Nick fucks you, baby.” Chandra nibbled on her lips once again and grabbed her arms, pulling her close.
Sam moved up to give her space to slide down underneath until she was level with Sam’s pussy.
“Fucking hot, oh damn!” Nick growled and yanked Sam back, rubbing the head of his cock over her ass. The warm moisture from his dick slid between her ass cheeks. Obviously the man was ready to go for another round.
At that same moment, Chandra went to work, licking and sucking her clit as if it was a tasty dessert. She nibbled gently and moaned, grasping Sam’s legs together, feasting on her flesh.
“Oh fuck, oh Nick, please! Get in me now!” Samantha demanded, wanting Nick inside her ass a lot sooner than later.
Nick didn’t respond verbally, instead shoved his hardened length into her with one swoop, pumping her from behind while he grabbed her breasts. Samantha shivered from the feeling and tightly ground her teeth together. She wished Chandra was there for a kiss, but she had to admit, Chandra’s lip action was driving her fucking mad. “Oh God, oughh!”
“Fuck Sam, oh shit, Samantha!” Nick rammed into her repeatedly, grabbing her by the hair, pulling her around for a sloppy kiss.
Feeling the pressure on her midsection, Samantha quivered, clutching tightly onto the sheets. Any minute now and the dam below would burst.
Trembles started, her body weakening from each of Nick’s powerful thrusts while Chandra continued to devour her from below.
“Oooh God!” Samantha closed her eyes tight, pulling away from Nick a moment to get her bearings. She clenched her thighs only for a moment until the warm trickle turned into warm water from a faucet.
“Holy fuck!” Nick cried out from his own climax, shooting long strings of warm liquid into her ass. He grabbed her arms, pumping her, one time after the other, hard and relentless.
Chandra groan’s sounded from underneath. She stopped a moment and playfully slapped Samantha’s thighs, seemingly asking for her to move.  
Samantha did and the bed shifted. She opened her eyes, seeing Chandra’s smiling face glistening wet and shiny from her juices. Chandra licked her lips. “Damn baby, that was…”
“Fucking amazing!” Nick finished the sentence for both of them, lying on her shoulder and planting several kisses on her bicep.
Samantha laughed and grabbed Chandra by her hair, kissing her with everything she could muster. Their lips tangled in this hot kiss, lingering for a while until Nick nudged her wanting to join in.
“I want some too,” he whined.
Samantha chuckled, swiped some from Chandra’s face, and plunged her fingers into his mouth.
Nick sucked hungrily and planted a quick kiss on Sam’s lips. “You taste so good, Sam. Even better off of her,” he winked.
 Samantha had to agree and she hoped their little gesture would make Chandra change her mind. Permanently. But if not, she felt then perhaps Nick could punctuate the moment with another one of his signature ‘finishes.’
Samantha rubbed his cheek with the back of her hand. “Kiss her, Nick. Show her how much we can love her.”
Chandra eyed Samantha and shook her head. When she tried to move away Nick grabbed her doing just as Samantha commanded.  
While they share another hot kiss, Samantha observed, knowing full well her girl couldn’t turn down such an offer.
In her mind, Samantha had it all, everything she could want right here in bed.
Nothing could be more perfect than this.


A couple of days passed and Samantha was still in a daze from everything that had occurred. After their hot session, Chandra still wasn’t totally ready to commit forever, but she did say she’d give it some very deep thought. Samantha couldn’t believe it. She thought her and Nick had convinced her to go all the way and be their woman, their Miss Devina but Chandra wouldn’t commit to the threesome just yet.
Despite the disappointment, Samantha continued to think positive, hoping Chandra would come around to their way of thinking. After all, both her and her man rocked Chandra Wills world.
“Hey Sam… Sam…” Carrie’s voice woke her from her stupor. “Hey, ma’am, where you been hiding?” Carrie caught up and walked right next to her.
“Just with my man,” she recited like a song and didn’t meet Carrie’s blue gaze. “We’ve been having so much fun and all, and… I been kind of forgetting to return phone calls.”
“Oh Jesus! I knew you were gonna get all caught up in this guy. And you told me you wouldn’t.”
Samantha nodded, knowing that was only half of the truth. She stopped a minute. “Well, I don’t mean it, Carrie but, can you blame me?”
“No I can’t, sister. I really can’t. I’d be preoccupied with everything too. Hey, do you write about him in those dirty books you publish?”
Samantha eyed her friend. “They’re not dirty. Sexy but not dirty! And yes, I do put him in them at times. Not always because that would be freaking boring.”
“Boring how, Sam? The man is fucking fine.”
“I…” Sam stopped a moment. “Yeah, and why didn’t you ever go after him?”
“Because he didn’t want me. He mentioned how much he loved a woman with curves. My one fifty wasn’t enough for him, I guess. It’s cool though, you guys are a good looking couple and since you’re my bestie, I’m happy you’re in love with him. You deserve it.”
“Thanks babe.” Samantha hugged Carrie. Just as they let go, she spotted Chandra at the door of the library, holding a bunch of books. “Hey, I’ll see you around. Let me go see if my good friend needs my help.”
“Okay, I have to get to work anyway, Sam. See you around.” Carrie hugged her shoulders and disappeared around the corner.
“Chandra?” Samantha walked up and snatched a few of the books out of her grasp. ‘Let me help you a little.”
“Ah thanks.” Chandra straightened her glasses and shrugged, “Whew, these things are heavy. So, how you been?”
Samantha sighed and held onto the books with both hands. “Good but, still thinking about you, Chandra. I’m in love with Nick, I really am but I can’t stop. Please…”
Chandra turned her head both ways. “Samantha, please not here. Not now, okay? We had fun, we really did but… I just…”
“Hey a deals’ a deal. You said if Nick made you come, you’d be ours.”
“Yes, yes, but not for the long term and besides, as you know, I like to play by my own set of rules.” Chandra pulled her into the library and pushed against Samantha, pushing the books out of her hands until they fell between them. Chandra removed her glasses and slipped them on top of her head, gazing into Samantha’s eyes.
Samantha whimpered and curled her fingers around Chandra’s slender waist, enjoying the feel of her woman’s flesh under her touch. She gripped her sides tightly, pressing her nails into the soft fabric of Chandra’s dress slacks. “You do, yes, I know but damn I wish you’d break them just for me and Nick.”
Chandra smirked and pushed her body into Samantha’s. “I will, sometimes but only when I feel like it. Don’t you get it, Sam? I want you, I can’t stop wanting you but I won’t ruin our friendship or your relationship over my desires.” 
Samantha pushed her chest into Chandra’s. Breast to breast, she held her close breathing in her sweet smelling musk. “I get it babe, believe me I do but when I want something as much as I want you, I won’t give up that easily.”
Chandra groaned and softly kissed her lips. “Neither will I, sweetheart, neither will I.”  

* * * * *

Hope you enjoyed this little novella. I really want to revisit them later on! Please leave comments and let me know what you think! Merry XMAS!

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